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Volpi Foods Offers New Line for Smaller Celebrations With Small Bites

Volpi Foods Offers New Line for Smaller Celebrations With Small Bites

Thursday, October 29th, 2020

As retailers approach what is easily one of the busiest and most hectic times of the year, they are looking for supplier partners that offer new innovations to satisfy trend-savvy shoppers. Enter Volpi Foods, whose most recent product line, Small Bites, blends single-serve with holiday hosting panache.

Deanna Depke, Marketing Manager, Volpi Foods“While we saw the need for smaller portion options of our products before the pandemic, the demand is even more prevalent now,” commented Marketing Manager Deanna Depke. “Consumers are spending more time with their immediate families. They are experimenting more in the kitchen. They are looking for affordable indulgences that can be enjoyed at home. The Small Bites line allows for convenience, flexibility, and ultimately discovery. It’s a cost-effective way to mix and match charcuterie items, makes for the perfect snack, and encourages consumers to incorporate our products into new at-home recipes.”

The line offers 1.5 oz portions of the brand’s expertly-sliced, artisan-made, dry-cured meats, a press release explained. Volpi noted that this size encourages consumers to try new products, which reduces potential waste.

In time for the holidays, Volpi Foods launched Small Bites to blend single-serve with holiday hosting panache

Small Bites is set to launch with Volpi’s popular dry-cured meats such as Prosciutto, Coppa, Sopressata, and Spicy Sopressata. Small Bites items can also be utilized for salad toppers, pizza upgrades, omelet enhancers, picnic packs, and much more. The applications are endless!

We’re going to keep track of what buyers need to know for the upcoming holiday season, so stay tuned with us here at Deli Market News.

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