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Wonderful® Pistachios Launches #GetCrackin Branded Hashtag Challenge

Wonderful® Pistachios Launches #GetCrackin Branded Hashtag Challenge

Tuesday, February 7th, 2023

It’s time to get cracking. While we may not be able to perform viral feats while taking a snack break, we can all appreciate the delicious nutty flavors pistachios provide. Wonderful® Pistachios’ is spreading the good word with the return of its iconic Get Crackin’ campaign. This time, the company is taking the campaign to TikTok with the #GetCrackin branded hashtag challenge, which will place the brand front-and-center on the skyrocketing social platform.

Wonderful® Pistachios’ iconic Get Crackin’ campaign is back for another hashtag challenge that is taking over TikTok

Partnering with some of TikTok’s popular creators, Wonderful Pistachios is spreading the fun and the hashtag with some entertaining feats. These influencers will showcase and celebrate the unique ways to crack open and eat pistachios, encouraging consumers to hit the aisles and load up on the nuts.

Now through February 20, consumers can also make their own TikTok videos using the custom #GetCrackin branded effect for the chance to win $10,000 and a one-year supply of Wonderful Pistachios.

To spread the word about Wonderful Pistachios and the hashtag, the company has partnered with a handful of TikTok’s popular creators

With TikTok having more than 689 million active users, this campaign strategy could be lucrative for Wonderful Pistachios and its retail partners. And while the challenge only lasts throughout the month of February, the benefits of this increased brand awareness could be long-lasting when it comes to sales.

To see some of the unique posts created for this campaign, click here.

With this hot campaign taking the challenge to social media, how will this launch impact the brand and its retail partners? We are sure eager to find out.

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