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Wonderful® Pistachios Launches In-Shell Seasoned Salt Flavor; Diana Salsa Comments

Wonderful® Pistachios Launches In-Shell Seasoned Salt Flavor; Diana Salsa Comments

Friday, September 8th, 2023

Prep your snacking aisles! Wonderful® Pistachios has debuted its first new In-Shells flavor in over a decade, introducing Seasoned Salt to the beloved lineup.

Diana Salsa, Associate Vice President of Marketing, Wonderful® PistachiosConsumer demand dictates the need for flavorful varieties when purchasing snacks. With Seasoned Salt, we are excited to spice up the snack aisle and give consumers something new to enjoy during game days,” shared Diana Salsa, Associate Vice President of Marketing for Wonderful Pistachios. “With years of No Shells flavor innovation since our last In-Shell launch, now’s the time to Get Crackin’ with a flavor combo we know you’ll love!”

The newest In-Shell offering comes in 14 oz and 40 oz bags, ideal for entertaining during game day watch parties, tailgates, and more. With football season driving shoppers to the snacking and nut aisles, this product provides a lucrative opportunity, especially since one out of three Wonderful Pistachios consumers say they eat them while watching sports.

For the first time in over 10 years, Wonderful® Pistachios has introduced its newest In-Shell flavor: Seasoned Salt

This latest addition joins a popular lineup that includes the Salt & Pepper, Sweet Chili, Roasted & Salted, Lightly Salted, and No Salt varieties. The launch of Wonderful Pistachios In-Shell Seasoned Salt will be supported through social media, in-store displays, and retail-specific programs to drive trials at the store level, a press release explained.

As the company also noted, new Wonderful Pistachios flavors are proven to drive incremental sales and bring new buyers to the snack nut category. Consumer taste tests show the new Seasoned Salt flavor performing higher than current in-market benchmarks on both appeal and purchase intent among nut buyers.

In addition to the company’s flavorful collection of In-Shell pistachios, Wonderful Pistachios also satisfies consumer demand through its award-winning No Shells flavors.

In-Shell Seasoned Salt Pistachios are rolling out at retailers across the United States.

As more product launches come to light, DMN will be here to report on the latest.

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