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Alliance Retail Group and A2 Advertising Announce Promotions and New Hires

Alliance Retail Group and A2 Advertising Announce Promotions and New Hires

Friday, February 24th, 2023

The retail industry is echoing with the sounds of cheers for new hires and exciting promotions! Alliance Retail Group (ARG) and A2 Advertising have announced strategic leadership changes, revealing that the Alliance Marketing Board of Directors has welcomed Barry Maddox, Heidi Huff, and Megan Cappel into new roles.

Barry Maddox, Chief Merchandising Officer, Alliance Retail GroupMaddox will be taking on the role of Chief Merchandising Officer for Alliance Retail Group, bringing 40 years of experience with independent grocery, including merchandising responsibilities at wholesale and retail.

In his new role, Maddox will be supporting the ARG negotiating team and leveraging its best-in-class data analytics tool I-Pro Edge. He looks forward to his expanded role helping vendor partners further strengthen their understanding of how to go to market to successfully grow their business with independent retail.

Heidi Huff, Senior Vice President, Consumer Engagement, A2 AdvertisingNext on the list is Huff, who is taking on the role of Senior Vice President, Consumer Engagement for A2 Advertising. Huff joins A2 Advertising from a 15-year career at IGA. She joined IGA in 2008 as Marketing Manager and has since served as Director of Marketing, Senior Director of Red Oval Partnerships, and lastly, Vice President of Business Partnerships.

According to the release, Huff has served in several marketing, sales, and brand management positions throughout her career with Corner Bakery Cafe and Building Leaders.

Megan Cappel, Vice President, Data and Analytics, iPro SystemsCappel will be taking on Vice President, Data and Analytics for iPro Systems, an A2 technology solution. She wields 16 years of experience in the independent grocery industry, serving in both CPG and retailer roles that have cultivated her passion for the independent community and her drive to develop unified technology that benefits and levels the playing field for all stakeholders.

In her most recent role as Director of Data and Analytics, she steered the development of and launched an independent friendly reporting and analytics platform, iPro Edge.

Alliance Retail Group and A2 Advertising are jointly praising several leaders on their teams as they announce recent promotions and hire

As the newest Vice President, Data and Analytics for iPro Systems, Cappel looks forward to continuing to grow the platform and its capabilities as well as expand her influence and management of other information technology services and tools that serve the independent community.

Congratulations to each of these leaders on their recent appointments!

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