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Amazon Signs Lease on New York City Warehouse Formerly Used by

Amazon Signs Lease on New York City Warehouse Formerly Used by

Friday, June 12th, 2020

Cyber space might seem to have endless square footage, but this domain is increasingly competitive on the buy-side, as are the physical spaces necessary to dominate it. Walmart recently announced its decision to halt’s operations as it refocuses its digital strategy elsewhere, and in the wake of that move Amazon was quick to notice and nab some prime real estate.

Amazon recently signed a deal to take over a Bronx-based warehouse that previously housed’s operations, according to Business Insider.

Shone Jemmott, Public Relations, Amazon"We are excited to continue our investment in the state of New York with a new delivery station and create hundreds of job opportunities for the talented local workforce," said Shone Jemmott of Amazon’s Public Relations in a statement.

The buy-up means 200,000 square feet added to Amazon’s digital presence in the Big Apple, claiming a successful stake in this competitive retail market.

Amazon has been aggressively building out its footprint as of late, with the latest addition to its warehouse footprint consisting of a 200,000-square-foot facility formerly used by

Bulking up its brick-and-mortar operations is one of Amazon’s latest strategies to maintain its presence as a leader in online retailing, one it appears to be tackling more and more aggressively as of late.

Will the next move further bolster its presence on the East Coast or bring it to a new market entirely? Deli Market News will continue to report as this and other retailers vie for more grocery space, physically and digitally.