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Beemster Cheese Launches Beemster Swiss; Marcel Vantuyn Details

Beemster Cheese Launches Beemster Swiss; Marcel Vantuyn Details

Tuesday, April 18th, 2023

Believe me when I say, there is nothing like that first bite into the newest addition to Beemster Cheese’s robust lineup: Beemster Swiss. As the cheesemaker introduces consumers to this enticing addition, I had a chance to hear some of the details from Marcel Vantuyn, Managing Director.

Marcel Vantuyn, Managing Director, Beemster Cheese“Beemster has been growing in the United States as a brand known for exceptional taste and quality, in addition to being a brand and product that consumers can feel good about buying,” shares Marcel. “As our brand has grown—and consumer trust along with it—we are focused on introducing other styles of cheese.”

So let’s talk about this top-quality cheese, shall we? Beemster Swiss is an alpine-style cheese crafted in Holland by the Beemster Master Cheesemakers. The creamy and flavorful cheese is made naturally using milk from cows that are raised by the family farmers of the Beemster Cooperative.

Beemster Cheese recently added another product to its lineup: Beemster Swiss

Bringing exciting new opportunities to capture attention in the specialty cheese set, this alluring new offering is available in bulk wheels (28 lbs) and 8 oz exact-weight cuts in a 12-count case.

“What shoppers love about cheese is that while the styles can be the same—Gouda, Swiss, Cheddar—the recipes are different. The techniques of the cheesemakers are different. Where the cows graze, where the cheese ages, it all affects the final product,” Marcel explains. “There’s a lot of consumer interest in trying the same style of cheese from different producers, which offers more opportunity to explore the category. Our loyal fans will be excited to see new styles and flavors from Beemster. They already know that they love our cheese, so finding something new in the cheese case will delight them. For those cheese shoppers who haven’t tried Beemster yet, this is a great introduction to the quality of our cheese and craft.”

Marcel continues, noting that one of Beemster Swiss’ biggest appeals is its versatility.

Beemster Swiss is available in bulk wheels (28 lbs) and 8 oz exact-weight cuts in a 12-count case

“The Swiss style of cheese is super accessible for shoppers—they know it well,” he says. “One of the best ways to merchandise Beemster Swiss is alongside ham, specialty mustard, and bread from the in-house bakery. Another great way to cross-merchandise Beemster Swiss is to provide a ‘Take It or Make It’ display with housemade mac-n-cheese, featuring Beemster Swiss or set the case with Beemster Swiss, boxes of pasta, bechamel sauce, pancetta, and breadcrumbs. Set the store with inspiration that provides meal solutions, paired with convenient shopping.”

Product launch promotions are available to launch Beemster Swiss. Promotions are for a limited time only during the launch phase, so retailers and distributors who are interested in adding this SKU should contact their Atalanta Sales Manager right away.

This is one offering that will keep shoppers coming back for more. In fact, I’ll soon be headed to the store for a re-up.

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