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Beemster Cheese Unveils New Labels

Beemster Cheese Unveils New Labels

Thursday, January 30th, 2020

The Beemster brand is donning a new look in the way of refreshed labels. The new labels were designed to appeal to today’s specialty cheese consumer and celebrate the award-winning cheeses that have long been offered under the Beemster brand.

For 115 years, master cheesemakers in the North Holland countryside have worked to cultivate high-quality cheeses for consumers. The new label plays off of this history, while also showcasing what shoppers want to know about Beemster cheese—all of which is depicted on the label’s new diecut shape.

The vibrancy of the colors of the newly-debuted labels—which will soon be arriving in cheese cases nationwide—also harken back to Beemster’s history by highlighting the rich heritage and premium quality that the brand’s name promises. According to a press release, a custom Dutch icon and a PDO North Holland seal conveys quality and authenticity, and enlarged content makes for better visibility.

Beemster’s new labels were designed to appeal to today’s specialty cheese consumers and celebrate its award-winning cheeses

Shoppers are more conscientious these days as well, which is why Beemster made sure to include important and popular label attributes like free-range, grass-fed cows, and more. The labels also feature simple and approachable flavor depictions that help differentiate the various offerings in Beemster’s award-winning line. Each element of the new label was created to catch shoppers’ eyes and curate more business at the cheese case.

And, though the labels are new, the cheese inside is time-tested and true—each a handcrafted Dutch cheese made from the rich, creamy milk of Beemster cows and goats as decreed by well-worn recipes.

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