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BelGioioso Cheese Introduces Baking Fresh Mozzarella Log; Gaetano Auricchio and Umberto Marconi Comment

BelGioioso Cheese Introduces Baking Fresh Mozzarella Log; Gaetano Auricchio and Umberto Marconi Comment

Monday, January 22nd, 2024

Inspired by innovation and the popularity of the fresh mozzarella category, BelGioioso Cheese has unveiled its newest offering: the Baking Fresh Mozzarella Log. Perfect for grilled cheese sandwiches, baked pasta, pizza, paninis, and more, this latest offering is one that retailers will want to add to their cheese cases.

Gaetano Auricchio, President, BelGioioso Cheese"As leaders in the specialty cheese category, we strive to continuously offer meaningful innovation to our customers. Our new Baking Fresh Mozzarella is doing just that while strengthening and energizing the Fresh Mozzarella category as a whole,” noted Gaetano Auricchio, President. “We aim to further extend the fresh mozzarella season from fresh applications in the spring and summer to new baked and hot applications through the fall and winter.”

Baking Fresh Mozzarella is specially formulated with reduced moisture content, enhancing its performance in cooking, baking, and high-heat usages, a release explained. As with the rest of BelGioioso’s Fresh Mozzarella line, this new log is rBST-free, gluten-free, and OU Kosher certified.

BelGioioso Cheese has launched its new Baking Fresh Mozzarella Log, bringing innovation to its fresh mozzarella lineup

The 1 lb Baking Fresh Mozzarella Log features 21 pre-cut slices for ease of use and is packed in Thermoform to preserve the 60-day shelf life. It is available in 8-count case packs. Its packaging features eye-catching photos that highlight the exceptional melting qualities of the cheese.

Umberto Marconi, Vice President of Marketing, BelGioioso Cheese"We are thrilled to introduce new consumers to the Fresh Mozzarella category,” added Umberto Marconi, Vice President of Marketing. “We want to extend the Fresh Mozzarella peak season and increase the purchase frequency of current shoppers in the deli. Baking Fresh Mozzarella will provide new merchandising and sales opportunities in the store. This new offering is perfect for in-store pizza sets, and this lower moisture formula will work great in the prepared foods section for hot applications.”

As consumers search for unique new offerings, BelGioioso’s latest launch is sure to please.

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