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Brioche Gourmet Highlights Portfolio of Roll Varieties

Friday, February 23rd, 2024

From turkey sandwiches to shrimp po’ boys, consumers seek out high-quality brioche bread rolls to accompany some of their favorite foods. Shoppers who add Brioche Gourmet products to their baskets are in luck, because the French brand has multiple brioche rolls that would be the perfect addition to any eating occasion.

Here’s What’s in Store.

In addition to buns, loafs, and a variety of other sweet products, Brioche Gourmet offers two enticing roll varieties: a 12 pack of Classic Brioche Rolls and an 8 pack of Milk Brioche Rolls. I could see myself bringing both of these offerings into my home kitchen, as they deliver on two of my top requirements: authenticity and quality.

Brioche Gourmet highlights the variety of applications for its roll varieties

Like all of Brioche Gourmet’s products, these two roll varieties are derived from the company’s roots, which began in 1945 in a French boulangerie. Drawing from that inspiration, the various brioche varieties are made simply and baked traditionally, touting soft, airy-light, and easy-to-pull-apart qualities, but never crumbly or breakable.

Whether you are getting creative in the kitchen or planning out your next brilliant merchandising display, keep in mind that Brioche Gourmet is here to support.

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