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Candid Launches NOONS, a Whole-Plant Chocolate Snack

Candid Launches NOONS, a Whole-Plant Chocolate Snack

Wednesday, April 1st, 2020

The snacking experience just got a whole lot more innovative, after Candid debuted its new whole-plant, low-sugar chocolate product: NOONS. With simple, healthy, and organic ingredients coming together to create one of the cleanest chocolate products on the market, Candid is aiming to attract the next generation of chocolate snackers—with its playful brand appeal and environmental-friendly packaging only adding more fuel to the fire.

Chris Kajander, Chief Executive Officer, Candid"NOONS are meant to be healthier, snackier, and more fun. If customers want to dig deeper and learn about our mission, they'll find that Candid supports regenerative agroforestry and ethical trade. But if they just want a delicious chocolate snack, that's fine, too," said Candid CEO Chris Kajander.

NOONS’ ingredient list is chock-full of organic ingredients, including tropical fruits and superfoods like cacao fruit. Not only does this list differentiate Candid’s product on store shelves, it also is one of the key reasons behind how the brand is able to deliver a great tasting product that reduces waste.

The first four NOONS flavors to make their market debut include Pineapple & Coconut, Banana & Nibs, Golden Berry Turmeric & Mango, and Mango & Cinnamon—all of which are paleo-friendly, vegan, gluten-free, and non-GMO. Each boasts a flavor profile of deep dark chocolate with slightly fruity, tart undertones and a pleasant, crunchy texture.

The NOONS product lineup consists of four flavors, including Pineapple & Coconut, Banana & Nibs, Golden Berry Turmeric & Mango, and Mango & Cinnamon

In addition to being simply delicious, Candid is also doubling down on its mission to offer a product that’s better for the environment by raising the standards of sustainable snacking. According to a press release, NOONS is one of the few chocolate snacks in the U.S. market packaged in a recyclable box and compostable inner bag. To accomplish this, Candid works directly with small-holder farmers in Latin America to responsibly source ingredients and support regenerative agroforestry.

Candid’s NOONS product is available online and in over 100 retail locations across the New York metro area.

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