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Caputo Cheese’s Nat Caputo and Tiffany O’Day Discuss Latest Burrata Packaging

Caputo Cheese’s Nat Caputo and Tiffany O’Day Discuss Latest Burrata Packaging

Wednesday, August 3rd, 2022

What is cheese but a component of a bigger board, an ingredient to a delectable dish, or the star for a summertime snack? That is the question Caputo Cheese answered to the letter as I talked to Nat Caputo, President, Owner, and Cheesemonger, and Tiffany O’Day, Chief Commercial Officer, on the updates the cheesemaker has in store.

Nat Caputo, President, Owner, and Cheesemonger, Caputo Cheese“It seems like we have a hand in many projects right now,” Nat jokes. “We are working on new varieties within our core products while also perfecting our Burrata offering. One product we’re eager to roll out is our Burrata in individually packaged containers. We understand that using Burrata can come with some waste, so by having it individually contained, chefs and consumers can use however much is needed, thereby increasing the shelf-life.”

Caputo’s Burrata offering, already internationally acclaimed, is one of the cheesemaker’s flagship products—and it’s a product Nat believes can be perfected even more.

“We offer products that are vastly used in the foodservice industry, so we’re constantly looking for ways to make our Burrata, and our portfolio, easier to access and use by chefs and restaurant operators. Whether it’s becoming more economical, using less packaging, or having a longer shelf-life, our team is constantly thinking long-term,” Nat explains.

Caputo Cheese is working on new varieties within its core products while also perfecting its Burrata offering

Burrata’s usual shelf-life can range between 21–28 days. With this innovative packaging twist, chefs, both in restaurants and at home, can simply break off however much is needed, extending the product’s shelf-life to 45 days.

Tiffany O’Day, Chief Commercial Officer, Caputo Cheese“At Caputo, we think that a product is more than just a product, it’s also about the people who are using it. No matter if it’s going through distribution or to the back of the house, we think about who has to touch it, what it’s being used for, how to get rid of excess waste, and what can we do to make it more efficient,” Tiffany chimes in. “They’re thinking about it differently, and so are we.”

And if you’re like me with sustainability always on the brain, Nat reassures me that the company is always working on a solution for that.

“Our team actively strives to find the most sustainable packaging best for the environment,” he says. “That’s always on our radar, from start to finish. We cover every aspect of every product that we launch, and we go through multiple focus groups, tastings, and research just to make sure we’re offering the proper package for long-term use. We don’t release a product just to put it out on the shelf; we want to make sure it’s there for the long run. And it’s got to be right—for us, the operator, and the end-consumer.”

With clear intentions and drive on the table, I, for one, can’t wait to see what else Caputo Cheese has in store. Stay in the know with Deli Market News.

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