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Carando® Brings New Products to Deli Market

Carando® Brings New Products to Deli Market

Tuesday, July 14th, 2020

The magic of food is its ability to bring a piece—arguably the best one—of the places many consumers are missing right now. The latest launch from Smithfield Foods’ Carando® brand does just that, bringing the authentic flavors of Italy to your department and drawing wanderlust consumers to your stores.

"As a leader in Italian meats, we are excited to expand our portfolio and bring more of the traditional taste of Carando to consumers," said Diane Purnell, Brand Manager for Carando at Smithfield Foods. "Our new fully-cooked calzones offer convenient, on-the-go options for consumers looking to enjoy an easy meal at any time."

Handheld, fully-cooked calzones can now be yours to sell, answering the one thing consumers might need more than travel at the moment: convenience.

The latest launch from Smithfield Foods’ Carando® brand brings the authentic flavors of Italy to the deli department, drawing wanderlust consumers to stores

The company describes its newest additions as three mouth-watering flavors, and the images and descriptions promise just that. Introduced in Pepperoni, Meatball, and Chicken Parmesan, the calzones offer consumers a simple, no-prep meal that Carando promises will not skimp on taste.

The calzones are ready to heat and eat in less than two minutes, according to a press release, with each calzone weighing in at 6 ounces and retailing at $2.99.

In addition to Carando, Smithfield Foods boasts a portfolio of high-quality iconic brands, such as Smithfield®, Eckrich®, and Nathan's Famous®, among others.

2020 has become a year of vicarious experience, looking back at times of travel and looking forward to doing so again. As Deli Market News continues to help your customers experience the world from your stores, follow our feed for all the latest.

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