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Cardenas Markets Expands in the West

Cardenas Markets Expands in the West

Monday, November 18th, 2019

Last week, we received news of a Southern California up-and-comer solidifying its place in the West Coast market with new store locations. According to PE, Cardenas Markets announced that it will open its first store west of Pomona, California, in Whittier. Furthermore, the retailer plans to bolster its footprint in the counties of Los Angeles and Orange.

Marco Robles, Director Public Affairs, Cardenas Markets“This is the first of many more to come,” Marco Robles, Public Affairs Director, disclosed to the news source. “We certainly see the opportunities there, with the demographics of the coastal areas. It is obviously very much a part of our outreach.”

Robles also noted that Cardenas Markets has been working to put four new stores on the map every year. This year, that included locations in Victorville, Concord, Tucson (its first store in Arizona), and Las Vegas, and in 2020, a store in Montclair.

Cardenas Markets is solidifying its place in the West Coast market with new store locations that are taking it even more westward in the Golden State

On top of simply expanding, Cardenas Markets has also revamped its stores to include trendy amenities like coffee bars and fast-casual restaurants. The new Whittier store will be housed in a former 34,642-square-foot Stater Bros location and employ around 120 people—can we expect the same exciting features here as well?

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