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Chef Jen Peters Discusses The Good Flour Company’s Reach and Expansion

Chef Jen Peters Discusses The Good Flour Company’s Reach and Expansion

Friday, May 13th, 2022

Nowadays, the ingredients list is one of the top selling points for the discerning shopper. With allergens and dietary preferences becoming more represented on the shelf, suppliers like The Good Flour Company are ensuring these voices are heard and met through its diverse lineup.

Jen Peters, Chef, The Good Flour Company“My husband and business partner Hamid Salimian and I are both chefs, and we started this company originally as NextJen Gluten-Free because we saw a need for gluten-free items in the foodservice industry,” began Chef Jen Peters, who is gluten-free herself. “We first began selling to businesses in the foodservice sector because that was a market we were familiar with, but then we wanted to go to market to meet the end-consumer. Since then, we’ve grown and rebranded to The Good Flour Company, and we’re excited to expand in the retail segment.”

With a lineup of mixes perfect for fried chicken, pizza and pasta, and tempura, The Good Flour Company has hit its mark in all things breaded and carby—all while remaining gluten-free. The company is well-known throughout the foodservice industry, as its pizza shells and mixes are distributed through Gordon Food Service, Sysco, and US Foods. Retail, however, remains a wide arena to play in for the rising brand, as it recently signed with a U.S. co-packer to expand its presence in the United States.

The Good Flour Company is expanding its U.S. reach with its lineup of free-form mixes

“Having a strong U.S. co-packer with the capacity of 40,000 pounds a day allows us to look at any and all major supply opportunities, including large volume food chains,” continued Jen. “The U.S. is a bigger market. We’re excited to grow our international footprint because we now have the ability to scale up fast, which gives us the strength in an in-demand category.”

This latest partnership allows Good Flour to cut down on shipping costs while maintaining a strict protocol on what goes into the products. The co-packing partner aligns with The Good Flour Company as both companies are free from gluten, nuts, soy, and dairy. Shoppers looking for free-from products will be relieved to know the company is able to meet their demands for all their baked and fried needs, both in the home and in the back of the house.

The entire portfolio is free from the top 10 allergens, is natural, and gives a texture everyone will love, from the adventurous diners to at-home chefs looking to break palate fatigue. Because, like Jen, we all need a little room to diversify in our lives.

With the backing of a U.S. co-packer, Good Flour increases its capacity, bolstering its standing in an in-demand category

We are always innovating. Many people ask me, ‘Can you do that? Can you make it gluten-free?’ I can, I just need to work backward first,” quips Jen. “There’s no overpowering flavors to our products because these were made as substitutes for your favorite cakes or fried chicken. We understand the end-user, both in restaurants and in the home, because I have been in their shoes. In stores, we want everyone to see our brand and know it is safe for their families, and I think the name covers it.”

For curious cats looking to stock their retail shelves, Jen also clued me in on a new dessert mix and frozen line currently in the works. Keep reading Deli Market News to find out more details to come.

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