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Chester's Chicken Unveils New Website

Chester's Chicken Unveils New Website

Friday, October 16th, 2020

Chester’s Chicken is on its way to updating its current look and nothing smells more like a rebrand than updating one’s website.

William Culpepper, Vice President of Marketing, Chester's Chicken"We believe this is the perfect time in our company's history to provide our loyal Chester's Chicken customers with a new website to enhance their guest experience," said William Culpepper, Vice President of Marketing. "Our new website represents the leading edge of many exciting changes for the Chester's brand, and we are dedicated to building a first class QSR concept for fried chicken fans and our franchisee community."

The company’s new website, according to a press release, features a simplified corporate logo that introduces a new script font for the word mark. Chester himself has been updated to focus on the core aspects of the lovable Chester the Chicken characterhis eyes, his hat, his smile, and his bandana.

Chester’s Chicken is on its way to updating its current look by unveiling a new website

The website also features all-new food photography and nutritional information and resides at a new domain. The back end of the site is password protected and hosts a greatly enhanced library of marketing and training tools for current franchisees. Chester's site is designed to drive consumer awareness of its products, while also serving as a lead generation source for potential franchisees.

These efforts are just the beginning of the company's rebrand as it plans to enhance the product portfolio and elevate the in-store experience later in 2020 and early in 2021.

To quote the movie Chicken Run: “Call me a miracle, doll face, 'cause that's me!”

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