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CHEVOO Relaunches With Additional Item Under Parent Belle Chevre; Co-Owners Pierre Guérin and Foster McDonald Comment

CHEVOO Relaunches With Additional Item Under Parent Belle Chevre; Co-Owners Pierre Guérin and Foster McDonald Comment

Friday, October 7th, 2022

A revival is brewing in the specialty and artisanal arena as CHEVOO returns with a relaunch under a new parent, as well as a reinvigorated spirit to back an already powerful product.

Pierre Guérin, Co-Owner and Head of Sales and Marketing, CHEVOO“Buyers will find the same great flavors and recipes using only high-quality ingredients at CHEVOO’s new home, Belle Chevre, which has been crafting goat cheese since 1989,” Pierre Guérin, Co-Owner and head of Sales and Marketing, recently shared with me. “Today’s major trend is the cheese and charcuterie boards and CHEVOO is at the center of this trend—literally! Loved by charcuterie board business owners and people who enjoy entertaining, we’ve seen an outpouring of enthusiasm and passion from consumers.”

Pierre joined on with Co-Owner Foster McDonald, Chief Executive Officer and Owner of Belle Chevre, after the two connected through a shared passion for specialty cheese, and their excitement about the opportunities ahead are contagious.

Foster McDonald, Chief Executive Officer and Owner, Belle Chevre and Co-Owner, CHEVOO“As someone passionate about innovation in the goat cheese industry, I was always enamored with the CHEVOO brand,” McDonald said in a press release. “The unique flavor combinations are a result of not only flavoring the oils, but hand-blending the goat cheese with herbs and spices, too! I think this full dimension of flavor is truly what sets CHEVOO apart.”

The award-winning goat cheese brand was acquired by Alabama-based Belle Chevre, adding an iconic range of marinated goat cheeses to its current line-up and over thirty years of category experience.

The newly introduced Herbes de Provence joins a strong lineup of CHEVOO offerings as the brand relaunches under recent parent company Belle Chevre

Including its newly launched Herbes de Provence—a mix of classic, aromatic French culinary herbs paired with an EVOO blend lightly infused with garlic—CHEVOO’s product range consists of five flavors of marinated chevre cubes.

  • Smoked Salt & Rosemary: A goat cheese mixed with smoked sea salt and cracked pepper in a rosemary-infused EVOO blend
  • Dill Pollen & Garlic: A goat cheese combined with locally harvested dill pollen in a garlic-infused EVOO blend
  • Urfa Chili & Lemon: A goat cheese incorporated with Urfa chili peppers, marinated in a lemon-infused EVOO blend
  • Italian Black Truffle: Italian black truffles have been gently folded through the goat cheese, naturally infusing the neutral EVOO blend with the earthiness of the aromatic truffles

“Retailers can display CHEVOO in their specialty case or in the upright case for the best visual impact as both the side of the jar and lid are branded, with the lid offering usage suggestions,” Pierre explained. “The five flavors also allow retailers to feature the brand in a seasonal fashion: Truffle for the holidays, Dill Pollen for the spring, Herbes de Provence in the summer, Urfa Chili in the winter, and the classic Smoked Salt & Rosemary all year-round, as this is our best seller.”

With both the lid and sides of CHEVOO jars showcasing its brand, and offering usage suggestions on the lids, each product offers flexibility to retailers who want to maximize visual impact in their departments

All these delicious options are sold in 4 oz glass jars for beautiful, high-quality presentation, and their simple capability to elevate everyday cuisine with tasteful toppings to salads, burgers, and more has created quite a loyal customer base.

With an entrepreneurial spirit and success as an Owner and Operator of several businesses in his native Alabama for over 35 years, it is no wonder McDonald was such a long-time fan of this latest addition to the Belle Chevre portfolio! Now, with Pierre’s own 25 years of expertise in the specialty food industry in companies ranging from North America to Europe, the entire brand looks poised for expansion.

As this company continues to rise, Deli Market News will report the latest.


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