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Cipriani Food Brings Holiday Staples to Market; Maria Roemer Comments

Cipriani Food Brings Holiday Staples to Market; Maria Roemer Comments

Friday, December 15th, 2023

Traditions with our own twists tie us to our roots and allow us to grow further out. Particularly with the dishes that make up the festive season, and perfectly aligned with this is the deeply rooted Cipriani Food. Maria Roemer, Senior Business Development Manager for the Cipriani Food brand at Atalanta division DeMedici Imports, helped walk me through why this intriguing and award-winning offering should be at the front of merchandising minds.

“As the holiday season draws near, not only for the upcoming festivities but also for welcoming in the New Year, we offer the timeless classic Panettone,” Maria remarked, explaining how, with so many flavors on the market now, Cipriani Food offers a truly signature option. “Classic in taste and simplicity and unique in its absence of candied fruits, ours is studded with 23 percent golden raisins, wheat flour, butter, fresh eggs, and a natural sourdough yeast. The taste is pure, clean, and rich in texture.”

Pairing it with a mascarpone cream to inspire shoppers to make the perfect pairing, consumers will be lucky to have leftovers, but you can also advise that this makes a delectable French Toast or Bread Pudding, too!

This holiday season, Atalanta's Cipriani Food brand offers Panettone that pairs perfectly with mascarpone cream

“Additionally, we offer a sleek line of alcohol-free sparkling wines, Zero Zero. Available in three flavors; Gold, Rose Gold, and Ruby, they are created with the selection of the highest quality grape musts and undergo a process that stops fermentation, but preserves its taste and aroma. They are a sophisticated choice for those looking for non-alcoholic options,” Maria pointed out as we discussed the latest health and clean-eating demands. “We are really excited about the Zero Zero line. There is so much innovation in the non-alcoholic beverage category and we see huge potential for retailers in offering this type of premium beverage.”

Cipriani reportedly has a strong presence in the hospitality and luxury food space, creating an established loyalty and familiarity so that many customers already have a sense of familiarity with the brand, which is why the team recommends utilizing its portfolio to boost rings at the register.

The brand also has a unique sleek line of alcohol-free sparkling wines, Zero Zero, which is available in three flavors; Gold, Rose Gold, and Ruby

“We always suggest merchandising the products together within the brand portfolio. The pastas alongside the sauces and oil; the Virgin Bellini alongside the Tonic waters and Zero Zero. Breaking the packs and selling the Bellini individually is also a great way to introduce customers to the product. The packaging is so iconic and recognizable that it really draws the customers’ attention,” Maria said.

Adding to both that recognition and clout is a standout moment from 2023—recognition by the Specialty Food Association with a Sofi Gold in the Pasta and Noodle Category for Cipriani Food’s Tagliolini “Delicata” Egg Pasta.

“This pasta boasts an extra-thin, firm yet tender texture with the absence of egg yolks. It's a testament to the commitment to quality and authenticity by Cipriani with an eye towards those looking for a healthier option. Their egg pastas have a rich heritage dating back to the origins of Cipriani at the iconic Harry's Bar in Venice,” Maria explained.

For a boost in register rings, Cipriani Foods recommends merchandising the products together within the brand portfolio to catch consumer attention through its iconic packaging

And looking ahead to 2024, there is still plenty of room for innovation and recognition, she told me.

“We do have some new items we are excited to bring to market. Without speaking too much, I can share that they are an extension of iconic Cipriani products—stay tuned! In addition to new product launches, we are excited to be at Natural Expo West in Anaheim, California, in March. This will be the first time for us at this show and we are looking forward to sharing the Cipriani story with new and current customers alike,” Maria shared.

The brand will be at both the Winter and Summer Fancy Foods Show, in Las Vegas and New York City, respectively. So, don’t just take my word for it. Make a note in your plans as you prepare for these key events for 2024 and be sure to make Cipriani Food part of them.

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