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The Cooper® Brand Pursues Retail Expansion; Michelle Spoerl and Neil Giudice Share

The Cooper® Brand Pursues Retail Expansion; Michelle Spoerl and Neil Giudice Share

Thursday, April 18th, 2024

Let’s talk about the power of a distinguishable brand. When it comes to labels like Cooper® cheese, consumer loyalty is driving shopper demand in the grocery store—leaving retailers with the opportunity to secure a competitive advantage in the cheese case.

Michelle Spoerl, Trade Marketing Manager, The Cooper® Brand“As consumers travel out of the northeast, they're seeking our brand at retailers beyond the eastern seaboard, and we're highly focused on our growth into those markets,” Michelle Spoerl, Trade Marketing Manager for the Cooper brand, tells me. “We are looking to partner with retailers in markets like Florida, Virginia, and North Carolina and show them how the equity of the Cooper brand is meaningful to their stores.”

The flavorful Cooper portfolio currently includes:

  • Sharp White American – 5 lb Loaf
  • Sharp White American – Shredded
  • Sharp White American – 30 oz Loaf
  • Sharp Yellow American – 5 lb Loaf
  • Sharp Black Pepper – 5 lb Loaf

Neil Giudice, National Account Manager–Branded Sales Eastern Region, The Cooper® Brand“Cooper's always been a great retail brand, but many consumers are discovering Cooper cheese through restaurants or top recipes that feature Cooper,” adds Neil Giudice, National Account Manager–Branded Sales Eastern Region. “Cooper's premium. It's made with real cheese. From mac and cheese to things like potato toppers, tacos, and queso, it's a great fit for everything.”

Take, for example, the rising Philly cheesesteak trend in foodservice.

“We're seeing so much hype around the Philly cheesesteak, and we have been receiving many inquiries from restaurants or food trucks looking to offer authentic Philly cheesesteak outside of the Philadelphia market. We're also seeing growth in the foodservice area with our shredded items for efficiency,” Michelle continues. “Foodservice operators in our current markets have built that consumer base already, but now our fans are looking for that same experience at home. We want our shoppers to be able to visit the service deli counter at their local retailer and bring home that same quality they experience at their favorite restaurants.”

The Cooper® Brand is eyeing growth in the retail market, looking to form partnerships with companies in Florida, Virginia, North Carolina, and moreOne key benefit for retailers carrying the Cooper Sharp cheese lineup is the natural demand driven by a highly recognizable logo.

With this high level of brand recognition, the Cooper team advises its retail partners to consider their merchandising strategies beyond the store floor, including digital and social media promotions as well as establishing a recognizable web presence for the brand on their sites.

In addition to this incredibly impressive sharp cheese portfolio, the Cooper cheese team’s dedication to quality and customer service elevates the supplier as a premium partner in the cheese space.

Many consumers are discovering Cooper cheese through foodservice or top recipes, leading them to search for the same high-quality cheese experience at homeWe are customer-obsessed,” Michelle tells me. “Not only are we very diligent about food safety, but we are passionate about our cheese, our customers, and consumers. We are always looking to uncover roadblocks and innovate in ways that can help get the brand to more people in an efficient way.”

A highly recognizable brand backed by an experienced, supportive team focused on the success of its partners? Sounds like a match made in heaven to me.

Attendees of the upcoming IDDBA show on June 9–11 will get a closer look at all the established company has to offer, so be sure to mark your calendars!

Explore the provider’s robust cheese portfolio here, and stay tuned for more updates from DMN.

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