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Costco Introduces Vegan Hawaiian Bowls Through New Partnership With Atlantic Natural Foods

Costco Introduces Vegan Hawaiian Bowls Through New Partnership With Atlantic Natural Foods

Thursday, June 25th, 2020

The plant-based economy is booming and big-box retailers are more than taking notice. Costco has long been an active player in this movement, but after its collaboration with Atlantic Natural Foods, the retailer is only furthering its presence in the space. Through this partnership, it is bringing two new plant-based meal solutions to its shelves.

J. Douglas Hines, Chairman, Atlantic Natural Foods“In 2016, we committed to bringing tasty, shelf-stable, better-for-you, portable foods to the world at a good value, and we’re pleased to experience a 40 percent sales increase year over year,” said J. Douglas Hines, Atlantic Natural Foods’ Chairman. “In seeing our strongest numbers to date in 2020 with more and more people seeking plant-based and shelf-stable options, we’re committed to continue innovating to meet growing consumer demand—all while maintaining the safety and well-being of our employees.”

According to a press release, the two vegan meal solutions include the Hawaiian Bowl—featuring soy protein, bell pepper, pineapple, peas, and ginger in fried brown rice and slated to roll out at the start of summer—and the Ultimate Vegetarian Chili—touting soy protein, tomatoes, pinto beans, red kidney beans, and spices.

Costco is bringing two new plant-based meal solutions to its shelves through its partnership with Atlantic Natural Foods

Costco has found a worthy partner in Atlantic Natural Foods, as the latter only continues to grow. It recently announced that it plans to enhance its production in its North Carolina facility and increase its production in Thailand with Pataya Food Group with a new 47,000-square-foot facility. This facility is fully dedicated to shelf-stable, plant-based food production utilizing fresh vegetables from the farms of Thailand.

Steve Morris, Executive Vice President Supply Chain, Atlantic Natural Foods“This is one of the more unique ventures we have ever created as it promotes plant-based production exclusively in collaboration with the leading university in Thailand, Kasetsart University,” added Steve Morris, Atlantic Natural Foods’ EVP Supply Chain.

Plant-based partnerships are the stuff of specialty news heaven. Follow along with us here at Deli Market News as we continue to follow the latest.

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