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Country Archer Secures 12M Investment, Moves to Larger Facility

Country Archer Secures 12M Investment, Moves to Larger Facility

Wednesday, February 12th, 2020

Don’t stop Country Archer Jerky Co. now, because it’s having a good time expanding, growing, and infusing a $12 million capital raise into its operations. This week, the meat snack maker announced that its long-time equity partner, Monogram Capital Partners, invested the capital in order for Country Archer to move to a new, larger facility that will double its production capacity.

Eugene Kang, CEO and Co-Founder, Country Archer"As we continue to grow at such a rapid pace, one of the most important things to us is that we retain what makes our brand so special—we’re a heritage company that is still making a craft product the exact same way that the artisan butcher who taught me did," said Country Archer's CEO and Co-Founder, Eugene Kang. "It’s critical to me that we manage every step of our unique process, from ingredient selection, to butchery, marinating, slow cooking, and packaging, and owning our own facilities enables us to do that. Monogram has been an incredible partner from early on and shares the same values and vision in terms of sustainability, quality, and scaling in a smart way. We’re thrilled to work with them again to open our new facility doors in a few months."

The new 72,000-square-foot facility will officially open its doors in San Bernadino this year in late spring. According to a press release, the facility will allow for streamlined operations to meet consumer demand, integrate cutting-edge manufacturing, and facilitate on-going innovation—all of which builds off of the brand’s continued outperformance and strong growth of its clean-ingredient meat snacks.

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Monogram Capital Partners’ latest investment follows a prior investment made last year. This investment helped Country Archer expand production at its current facility. As the brand continued to grow, however, it became evident that the company was going to need more space to keep outpacing its trajectory.

Jared Stein, Co-Founder and Partner, Monogram Capital Partners"It’s rare to see a company experience such accelerated growth in a short amount of time and it’s been incredible to join Country Archer on this ride," said Jared Stein, Co-Founder and Partner at Monogram Capital Partners. "What is even more unique is to find a brand in this space that controls production. Vertical integration and owning quality control are key. With its commitment to manufacturing in-house and maintaining authenticity in its products, we are confident that Country Archer will prove to be an even bigger force in the meat snack space. We’re excited to help fund this next phase of expansion and continue to invigorate the meat snack category through innovation, clean ingredients, and sustainability."

Country Archer was founded on the core values of sustainability, authenticity, and real-ingredients. Each of these core values is reflected in the brand’s product line, which includes a robust portfolio beyond traditional jerky like 100 percent natural turkey jerky and high protein, low sugar mini and full-size meat sticks.

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