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Dream Pops Expands Retail Presence

Dream Pops Expands Retail Presence

Sunday, April 5th, 2020

With how many new innovations hit the market each and every year, you’d think we'd have seen it all as an industry. Dream Pops, however, is proving there is still much to be uncovered, especially in the frozen desserts category. The plant-based ice cream maker is revitalizing the classic category with a touch of imagination thanks to its eye-catching product that’s slowly taking over retailers’ frozen sections.

David Greenfeld, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Dream Pops“Dream Pops is a guilt-free indulgence consumers can feel good about. Our innovative pops are chef- and design-drive, and through them, we’re hoping to provoke meaningful conversations to reimagine food for our generation,” David Greenfeld, Co-Founder and CEO, shared with me. “One way we’re accomplishing this is by offering a healthy alternative to traditional ice cream. By creating a flavor-packed plant-based alternative powered by real food and real ingredients, we’re rewriting culinary history.”

While we often throw around the term unique frequently, not very often is a product lineup as one-of-a-kind as Dream Pops’. In fact, it was the geometric shape of the ice cream pops that first caught my attention as I was perusing the booths during January’s Winter Fancy Food Show. And it is this distinctive shape that I foresee taking over social media feeds, where beauty and uniqueness tends to thrive—two attributes Dream Pops has on lock.

Dream Pops is revitalizing the ice cream category with its eye-catching, plant-based product

With five available flavors in its lineup—Berry Dreams, Chocolate Lion (featuring mushrooms!), Coconut Latte, Mango Rosemary, and Vanilla Matcha—Dream Pops recently expanded its distribution network to include three new Whole Foods Market regions (SOPAC, Rocky Mountains, and Southwest).

“We are one the fastest growing plant-based novelty companies,” David continued. “We’re experiencing rapid growth and new adoption of first-to-market vertical freezers. By the end of 2020, we’re anticipating to expand the reach of our products to 2,000 stores. I think we’ve been so successful because we prioritize what consumers put in their bodies above all else. So, with Dream Pops, the future has arrived, and it tastes wonderful.”

Dream Pops come in five flavors: Berry Dreams, Chocolate Lion, Coconut Latte, Mango Rosemary, and Vanilla Matcha

Currently, the Dream Pops lineup is available in 850+ retail locations across the country, including Bristol Farms, Lassens, Erewhon, Harmon’s, Harris Teeter, The Fresh Market, Fairway Market, Roche Bros, Nugget Market, Kings, Balduccis, and many more indie grocery and foodservice operators.

With Dream Pops at the forefront of the frozen desserts category, there seems like no better time to assert the ice cream sector is popping off as one to watch for burgeoning trends.

Dream Pops