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Emanuela Bigi Discusses Veroni's Latest Social Media Campaign

Emanuela Bigi Discusses Veroni's Latest Social Media Campaign

Monday, December 18th, 2023

How do you make an expert-level charcuterie board, you ask? Veroni has the answers. The historic charcuterie company launched its newest social media campaign, Veroni charcuterie boards: the Italian touch!, to help consumers master the art of charcuterie board-crafting.

Emanuela Bigi, Marketing Manager, Veroni"The goal of this campaign is to not only speak to foodies who are on a hunt for the latest food trends, but to also reach those who don't like cooking but still want to impress their guests by following a few simple tips,” noted Emanuela Bigi, Marketing Manager at Veroni. “Our reels are cooking-friendly and will be very good options for youngsters who are taking their first steps in the kitchen. The added, unique value of the content created is found in our Italian DNA, the Italian touch in terms of style and taste that we are known worldwide for."

As a press release outlined, the campaign’s goal is to help Veroni’s followers hop on one of the most popular food trends in recent years, as charcuterie boards have quickly become a go-to appetizer for gatherings of all kinds, from parties and happy hours to family celebrations.

The multichannel campaign will be featured on both the company's United States social media and Italian profiles—including Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube—as well as on the company’s websites.

The creative and educational Italian campaign begins with five video tutorials that show the A-B-Cs of preparing a charcuterie board properly, while the U.S.-focused campaign starts with five thematic cutting boards perfect for holiday parties or an “aperitivo” with friends, designed for pro charcuterie board makers.

With Christmas around the corner, the campaign started with none other than a holiday-themed charcuterie board, using charcuterie and cheese as Christmas decorations. Other installments include the Spring board and the AperiTime board, as well as the Happy Birthday Charcuterie board and Discover the Taste of Italy.

For more details on this launch, click here.

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