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Ficacci Olive Company Releases New PaperTray and 1964 Offerings; Giuseppe Ficacci Discusses

Ficacci Olive Company Releases New PaperTray and 1964 Offerings; Giuseppe Ficacci Discusses

Friday, January 21st, 2022

Whether consumers are bringing them to the table or on-the-go, high-quality olives should be enjoyable for all. Ficacci Olive Company aims to make this concept a reality, bringing two new innovative offerings to the specialty market, set to launch at the upcoming Winter Fancy Food Show (WFFS). Giuseppe Ficacci, Co-Owner, shared the details with me.

Giuseppe Ficacci, Co-Owner, Ficacci Olive Company“Our new PaperTray® offering is the latest item in our family of sustainable packaging. This packaging format is ideal for the United States as the top plastic film can be removed and the paper bottom can be recycled,” he began telling me. “Our other innovation is the 1964 line of on-the-go-sized offerings, which have been in demand in the U.S. as well.”

The PaperTray, for starters, is not only attractive because of its recyclability features, but thanks to a sleek design—perfect for display—consumers bring it directly to the table, completing a perfect charcuterie spread. And, like Ficacci’s other fresh packs, the PaperTray is shelf-stable, refrigerated, for six to eight months.

“Ficacci is the first olive producer in Italy and the U.S. that has olives in paper packaging, and feedback on the product shows that recyclability is a key selling point,” Giuseppe continued. “In addition to the retail offering, we will also be providing various foodservice-sized PaperTrays and antipasto plates.”

Ficacci Olive Company is bringing two new innovative offerings to the specialty market: its new PaperTray and 1964 line

Then we have the new 1964 line, a perfect addition to on-the-go retail sets, vending, and foodservice offerings. The personal-sized pack provides 2.2 oz of olives in a single layer, without water or oil, making for a simple and delicious eating occasion.

“We already have some retailers that are asking for the importation of individual-sized gourmet foods. So, I think the 1964 line will move even faster than the PaperTray,” Giuseppe added. “Both the lines have an easily peel-able top-film and are liquidless, so consumers' fingers aren’t left oily or wet.”

If you want to get a closer look at these new innovations, you’ll have to link up with Ficacci at the WFFS in Las Vegas, Nevada, next month. Otherwise, I am sure we will be seeing plenty from the PaperTray and 1964 line in the coming months.

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