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Fratelli Beretta Highlights Salamini Salamis

Thursday, December 15th, 2022

Fratelli Beretta has a bite-sized item that is ready to make waves across the grocery store. Perfect as a grab-and-go option for after-school activities, weekend adventures, or simply winding down on the couch, our Salamini salamis are changing the way shoppers snack.

Here’s What’s in Store.

Shaking up the way shoppers snack, Fratelli Beretta’s Salamini salami sticks are perfect as a grab-and-go option for nearly any occasion

We offer our Salaminis in 4 oz packs of both Milano and Calabrese salami varieties. The product is packed with 8 g of protein per serving—an option many consumers will turn to for an energy boost that is wholesome and delicious.

Each variety comes with a wide range of pairing possibilities that make for the perfect charcuterie board or plate. Milano Salaminis mild flavor goes great alongside a myriad of products—goat cheese, honey, and crackers to name a few. Pair Calabrese Salaminis hint of spice with sweet items like peaches and chocolate chips, or savory ingredients such as mozzarella or bruschetta.

Fratelli Beretta offers its Salaminis in 4 oz packs of both Milano and Calabrese salami varieties, each packed with 8 g of protein per serving

Our single-size, two-bite Salaminis are the perfect anytime snack. Add them to a lunchbox, enjoy them for lunch at home, or snack on them whenever you get the craving. The possibilities are endless, and we guarantee that this salami will satisfy taste buds every time.

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