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Frieda's Supports Lunar New Year Sales With Wonton and Eggroll Promotion; Alex Jackson Comments

Frieda's Supports Lunar New Year Sales With Wonton and Eggroll Promotion; Alex Jackson Comments

Friday, January 14th, 2022

On the horizon lies an anticipated holiday that brings opportunities and good fortune to the retail sector: Lunar New Year. With the Year of the Tiger kicking off in just over two weeks, Frieda’s is bringing buyers luck in the form of cross-merchandising, sparking excitement with its wonton and eggroll wrappers.

Alex Jackson, Director of Sales, Frieda's“Give your shoppers a reason to break in their holiday-gifted air-fryers by cross-merchandising wrappers with mushrooms, cabbage, and tofu. You’ll inspire new favorites like baked rainbow vegetable eggrolls or mushroom and tofu wontons,” says Alex Jackson, Director of Sales. “You can also stuff them with sweet fillings like peanut butter and bananas, and each package features a recipe, along with additional cooking suggestions like buffalo chicken rolls and crab Rangoon.”

Lunar New Year begins February 1 and will last for seven days, presenting the perfect opportunity to inspire specialty meals through cross-merchandising and promotional materials. As shoppers look to fight food fatigue as they return to work and school from winter breaks, Frieda’s eggroll and wonton wrappers will be beneficial in more ways than one.

Frieda’s is bringing excitement and inspiration to stores with wonton and eggroll wrappers ahead of Lunar New Year

Further drawing in shoppers, Frieda’s wrapper collection has undergone a graphic refresh, now sporting mouthwatering graphics and bold colors, as noted in a press release. This refreshed look makes for greater visibility and rising excitement as consumers peruse your produce aisle offerings.

Ready to harness these unique offerings to score those seasonal sales? Frieda’s and Deli Market News are here to help.