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IFCO Shares 2023 Recap

IFCO Shares 2023 Recap

Thursday, January 4th, 2024

To properly map out our growth strategies from 2024, we must first reflect on the successes of 2023. IFCO is one company that saw a very decorated year, marking many celebrations across several vital areas of its operations.

In a recent newsletter, IFCO outlined the progress it has made across crucial areas of its business, including retail support, ESG strategy, a new certification, and operational expansions.

From supporting key retailers to prioritizing sustainability, IFCO reached many accomplishments worth celebrating in 2023“We have expanded our operations to the Baltics and Uruguay, extending our SmartCycle philosophy to those regions,” the company noted. “We raised the bar for sustainability and automation with our new high-tech service center in Dannstadt, Germany. And there’s more! Alì & OrtoRomi in Italy, and Schnucks in the U.S. have successfully completed their pilots, and shared their experience working with IFCO RPCs in two new success stories.”

To see these success stories, click here and here.

2024 brings more opportunities for progress and success, so be on the lookout for DMN’s latest update!