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Jaclyn Cardin Details Organic Valley's Newest Store

Jaclyn Cardin Details Organic Valley's Newest Store

Wednesday, September 6th, 2023

More than just groceries are on display from Organic Valley as the company launched a new store. The organic farmer co-op recently launched a branded merchandise store to help support small family farms, and I got in touch with Jaclyn Cardin, Chief Brand Officer, to learn more about how this lifts the brand and its farmers.

Jaclyn Cardin, Chief Brand Officer, Organic Valley“By choosing Organic Valley, whether it’s our farm-saving gear or ethically sourced food, you’re helping to contribute to a better world. Your purchase helps keep over 1,600 small organic family farms on the land who are doing some incredible things for the earth,” Jaclyn tells me. “Our dedicated customers will love how our products keeps over half a billion pounds of toxic chemicals off the land since 1988 and protect hundreds of thousands of organic acres.”

Those hundreds of thousands of organic land helps keep the diversity of bees, birds, butterflies, and many other plants and animals that live there, which helps sustain the co-op’s climate-friendly dairy.

“Our dairy farms produce an average of 24 percent fewer greenhouse gas emissions than conventional dairy farms,” Jaclyn continues. “By making these branded items readily available and easily accessible, we empower each member of our community and fans to become a walking ambassador for both our own brand and the Organic Valley mission.”

Organic Valley recently launched a branded merchandise store to help support more than 1,600 small family farms

Fashion is more tied to our industry than we think. Organic Valley’s new merchandise shop acts as a platform for people to outwardly express their values and support for small family farms by literally wearing their support on their sleeves. Its shirts are crafted from a unique blend of 50 percent cotton scraps sourced from the apparel industry and 50 percent recycled plastic bottles. By utilizing materials that would typically be discarded or contribute to landfill waste, the company is taking a sustainable approach to fashion.

“We hope this and many other actions we’re taking help to spark a movement to support the future of small family farms!” Jaclyn states. “We like to prioritize sustainability every step of the way, including our packaging materials, and are committed to using earth-friendly packing materials that have a minimal impact on the environment. When you receive an order from us, it will be shipped in unbleached, uncoated cardboard that is easily recyclable. We care about our environment all the way down the supply chain, and we want to pass that along to our customers to help keep our products greener and healthier, both for the consumer and the planet.”

Take a peek for yourself here to nab a “Give a Cluck” tee for yourself, and keep a tab open for Deli Market News.

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