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Joseph Piraino Discusses the Retailer and Consumer Benefits of DePalo Foods' Product Portfolio

Joseph Piraino Discusses the Retailer and Consumer Benefits of DePalo Foods' Product Portfolio

Wednesday, February 15th, 2023

Maximizing time and minimizing preparation is critical for busy consumers, and DePalo Foods has many high-quality, flavorful offerings to meet their needs. However, not only shoppers will benefit from the company’s well-rounded portfolio. As Joseph Piraino, East Coast Regional Manager explained, DePalo’s products are an excellent solution for retailers who are facing labor challenges, making a partnership with the provider even more enticing.

Joseph Piraino, East Coast Regional Manager, DePalo Foods“Currently, labor is tough at the store level. Finding help throughout the United States has been challenging for multiple sectors,” says Joseph. “DePalo Foods can provide case-ready products that require minimal labor in-store, giving associates more time to focus on other duties.”

DePalo Foods creates products for the single-serve pizza category. This includes everything from calzones and strombolis to its new Tear N’ Share pizza rings. Overall, the company’s focus is to continue meeting its customer needs when it comes to the deli department.

With its case-ready products, DePalo Foods' portfolio not only satisfies consumers, but helps retailers minimize labor needs

The supplier is always looking for new trends and the next big product to satisfy its retail partners and shoppers. With its single-serve and other ready-made products, DePalo is helping to curb food waste, which has become a vital issue in the food industry. These items also provide easy meal options for on-the-go and single consumers.

From its products to its company, DePalo prides itself on its attention to detail and quality, ensuring customers receive the best possible options.

DePalo Foods' single-serve and other ready-made items are also helping to curb food waste

“There are many things that make DePalo Foods unique. Whether it’s flavor profiles, different sizes, or something that fits a new trend, consumers continue to look for high-quality products for an affordable price,” adds Joseph. “We obsess over our dough; it is essential in our business. It’s the first thing customers pick up on; without great dough, the product becomes average. Additionally, we’re a family-run business that wants to keep family recipes alive. It’s important to us at the end of the day to make a product worth purchasing again and again.”

As Joseph hints, DePalo Foods will keep its attention to quality, detail, and customer service alive in 2023 with some new developments. To find out what the supplier has in store, stay tuned to Deli Market News.

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