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KeHE Distributors Recognized for Operational Excellence by Samsara

KeHE Distributors Recognized for Operational Excellence by Samsara

Thursday, August 6th, 2020

Top honors are to be expected for KeHE Distributors, so being named a finalist for Samsara’s Top Fleet for Excellence in Performance is an obvious choice!

Rodney Gamble, Executive Director of Transportation, KeHE Distributors“As KeHE focuses on its strategic plan to become the Next Generation Distributor, we strive for digital excellence in all aspects of the company; including transportation. Through our partnership with Samsara, we were able to improve the company’s hardware by consolidating our previous AOBRD (Automatic On-Board Recording Device) and GPS tracking platforms,” Rodney Gamble, Executive Director of Transportation at KeHE, stated. “This all-in-one solution provides KeHE’s drivers with a system to log hours, track routes and deliveries, and message with our distribution centers’ dispatch. By augmenting KeHE’s communication between the driver and retail stores, we’ve improved our customer satisfaction.”

The honor recognizes KeHE for its improved customer service, fleet efficiency, and safety.

“We are always looking for development opportunities for our employees,” Greg Sikorski, Director of Transportation Safety and Compliance, noted in a press release. “This not only ensures our employees are safe, a priority at KeHE, but also allows our team to give continuous development feedback to KeHE’s drivers.”

KeHE Distributors was recently named a finalist for Samsara’s Top Fleet for Excellence in Performance

Leveraging Samsara’s AI and real-time tracking, KeHE gained insights on obstacles that previously impacted a driver’s on-time delivery, such as unexpected traffic. The tools enabled KeHE to serve its customers with delivery notifications and increased efficiency, which saved hundreds of hours each year. Through KeHE’s partnership with Samsara, the distributor implemented live sharing links, GPS tracking, and high-quality on-demand cam footage.

The high-quality dash cam footage offered to KeHE is used to protect and improve driver safety. It has allowed KeHE to build out a coaching program for drivers to improve safety, which resulted in an 18% reduction in accidents in just a year.

Congratulations on KeHE for this prestigious honor!

KeHE Distributors