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Klondike Cheese Company Details IDDBA Showcase; Luke Buholzer Comments

Klondike Cheese Company Details IDDBA Showcase; Luke Buholzer Comments

Wednesday, May 31st, 2023

We’re only days away from this year’s IDDBA and companies from across the industry are preparing to highlight their innovations. I connected with Klondike Cheese Company’s Luke Buholzer to learn about what the provider has in store.

Luke Buholzer, Vice President of Sales, Klondike Cheese Company“We are really excited to show off our Tzatziki dip, which is formulated with fresh cucumbers to give it an unparalleled made fresh taste. We also have our Buholzer Brothers line of semi-soft cheeses available in both retail chunks and slices but also larger loaves for behind the glass and for slicing operations,” the Vice President of Sales shared with me.

The company will also be shining a spotlight on new additions. Under the Odyssey® brand, Klondike has added a plain 4 oz regular yogurt alongside the flavored 4 oz yogurts.

Klondike Cheese Company is excited to showcase its Tzatziki dip, Buholzer Brothers line of semi-soft cheeses, and new Odyssey® brand yogurt flavors at IDDBA 2023

As attendees plan out which exhibitors to see, I asked Luke for some key reasons Klondike’s booth should be a must-see.

“The high quality and unmatched consistency of all our products can help draw more sales through the deli,” emphasized Luke, explaining why Klondike is an excellent partner to the buy-side. “We are a fourth-generation, family-owned company, but we also have the size and capability to meet the demands and challenges of almost any program.”

Luke told me that exciting plans are ahead, as the company is working on adding a retail Labne under the Odyssey brand by Q4 of this year.

Be sure to stop by booth #3801 to learn more!

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