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Kroger Announces Partnership With Market Wagon to Introduce New Way to Shop Local; Felix Turner and Nick Carter Comment

Kroger Announces Partnership With Market Wagon to Introduce New Way to Shop Local; Felix Turner and Nick Carter Comment

Tuesday, June 7th, 2022

Farmers markets are a staple here in Sacramento, California, and that experience is being brought to a wider range of consumers with Kroger's latest partnership. Focused on Atlanta, Georgia, the retailer has teamed up with Market Wagon to bolster brand visibility for farmers and producers in the area.

Felix Turner, Corporate Affairs Manager, Atlanta Division, Kroger"Kroger's new digital farmers market pilot is part of the evolution of our rapidly growing and innovative e-commerce business," said Felix Turner, Kroger's Corporate Affairs Manager for the Atlanta Division. "This partnership reinforces the importance of buying local to customers, powered by modern, cost-effective, and efficient last-mile solutions. We're excited to launch this service in partnership with Market Wagon across Atlanta."

This new digital platform provides consumers in the area with access to a local assortment of more than 1,150 products, a press release stated. Local vendors are grouped together to cover categories including local farmers, bakeries, food artisans, and more. All items found on Kroger Farmers Market are exclusive to the platform and are not yet found in the retailer's stores.

Kroger and Market Wagon have joined forces to develop and launch a digital farmers market in Atlanta, Georgia

The service will extend across a 60-mile radius in Atlanta that includes 28 counties in the Atlanta metropolitan area. Shoppers can also opt for the convenience of delivery, able to choose between Tuesday or Friday drop-offs.

Nick Carter, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Market Wagon"Our mission is to enable food producers to thrive in their local market, and I am excited to partner with Kroger to carry it out together," said Nick Carter, Market Wagon's Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer. "This partnership is a tremendous opportunity for the farmers and food producers we serve in the Atlanta area."

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