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Le Gruyère AOP Taps Into Rising Consumer Trends; Denis Kaser Comments

Le Gruyère AOP Taps Into Rising Consumer Trends; Denis Kaser Comments

Wednesday, November 22nd, 2023

As we recently reported here on DMN, the Specialty Food Association (SFA) has pulled back the curtain on some in-depth research highlighting rising and continuing trends that are impacting the specialty sector. One brand that checks quite a few boxes on this comprehensive list is Le Gruyère AOP.

Denis Kaser, Head of International Marketing, Le Gruyère AOP“Le Gruyère AOP is unique because it is an incredibly old cheese—dating back to the 12th century—yet it remains ‘on trend’ in large part due to its simplicity,” shared Denis Kaser, the Head of International Marketing for Le Gruyère AOP, exclusively with DMN. "We have always promoted local production within the Gruyères region of Switzerland, and have not strayed from that geography in order to change the product or increase volumes.”

Le Gruyère AOP fits into a variety of these rising trends noted by the SFA, including:

  • Soup — French onion anyone? Le Gruyère AOP on top is what makes it a stand-out
  • Value — At about $15 for a full pound, consumers will be able to stretch Le Gruyère AOP the same way Swiss farmers did when they first created fondue in medieval times, as a way to use up leftover cheese and stale bread
  • Global flavor exploration — Le Gruyère AOP, much like Champagne, is a regional specialty, meaning if it’s not from the Gruyère region, it’s not the real Gruyère
  • Elevated convenience — Le Gruyère AOP is sold at Trader Joe's, Whole Foods Market, Costco, and more
  • Upscaling the everyday — While the name sounds fancy, Le Gruyère AOP is an accessible and versatile cheese
  • Environmental impact — From day one, Le Gruyère AOP has been a sustainable product

One brand that checks quite a few boxes on the Specialty Food Association’s comprehensive trends list is Le Gruyère AOP

“Le Gruyère AOP is milk and rennet, heated and pressed into a wheel then salted as it ages. That is it,” Kaser continued. “The vibrancy and variation of the flavor profile comes from the all-local, all-natural diet of the cows, combined with generations-old artisanal practices. Sometimes the best items—and the ones that are trendy—don’t follow the crowd, they are the crowd, and Le Gruyère AOP is an example of the endurance and demand for uniqueness, love, and pride.”

To find out how more brands are tapping into current consumer trends, keep an eye out for more updates from DMN.

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