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Livradois Announces Launch of Small Raclette; Heather Iafrate Shares

Livradois Announces Launch of Small Raclette; Heather Iafrate Shares

Wednesday, January 24th, 2024

Cheese lovers have something to be excited about as Livradois has announced the launch of its new small raclette. The beloved variety is now available in a smaller format, delivering the same world-renowned flavor. Heather Iafrate, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Interval Export, shared more details.

Heather Iafrate, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Interval Export“Raclette has been growing in popularity over the years. Known typically as a winter cheese with sales spiking during the colder months of the year, raclette is now breaking down those barriers,” Heather explains. “A few years ago, raclette was trending well under fondue on Instagram but now it’s gaining traction with nearly 1 million mentions.”

Livradois is a family-owned dairy located in the heart of the forest and volcanic mountains of Auvergne, France. Thanks to the preserved high-altitude region, the company’s cheeses are imparted with organoleptic qualities, authenticity, and distinctiveness, and its small raclette is no exception.

The cheesemaker’s raclette originates in these mountains, developing authentic flavors after a minimum of eight weeks of aging. It is made from pasteurized cow's milk (PDO milk), classified as a semi-hard, uncooked pressed cheese. Its thin, washed rind ranges from golden yellow to light brown, and the white to pale yellow paste, which varies with the seasons. It leaves a fruity taste and melting texture on the palate.

Livradois has announced the launch of its new small raclette, delivering the same renowned flavor in a smaller format

“Raclette is proving to be an anytime, anywhere type of cheese and people are loving it. Especially the idea of raclette parties, which bring together the best things in life, friends, family, amazing food, and all things French,” adds Heather. “Food has always been a way to connect people physically and emotionally, what better way to do it than with French flair!”

Weighing approximately seven pounds, raclette is typically consumed during the fall and winter seasons. The variety is well known as the main ingredient in "raclette parties," composed of cured meats, potatoes, pickles, and vegetables. It can also be found on cheeseboards year-round.

Raclette pairs perfectly with beer or red wine from Bordeaux or Jura. The unusual combination of black tea and Raclette is another surprisingly delightful combination, according to Heather.

Inspire your cheese-loving shoppers by adding Livradois’ latest offering to your cheese case.