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Olli Salumeria's Oliviero Colmignoli Discusses Latest Portfolio Developments

Olli Salumeria's Oliviero Colmignoli Discusses Latest Portfolio Developments

Thursday, October 12th, 2023

Deli Market News’ latest update comes from within the charcuterie sector as Olli Salumeria continues to broaden its expansive portfolio to bring a variety of options to consumers. What are the latest developments taking root for the popular brand? You know we had to find out.

Oliviero Colmignoli, President and Founder, Olli Salumeria“It’s an exciting time for the deli industry as salami and charcuterie have become more popular than ever in recent years,” shares Oliviero Colmignoli, President and Founder. “Innovations in packaging and clean-label production are helping make salami even more versatile and appealing for consumers who want high-quality, portable proteins. We believe that great-tasting salami is the result of simple, quality ingredients, traditional recipes, and a lot of patience, and customers can taste the difference. As the category continues to grow, we remain committed to expanding our product lines and retail distribution while producing the best-tasting salami in the world.”

The latest products to join Olli’s portfolio focus on expanding the deli category to meet consumer demand for more accessible, convenient ways to enjoy salami through distinctive flavors, packaging, and other innovations.

Upping consumer convenience while broadening its on-the-go offerings, Olli recently expanded its line of Olli Antipasto Trays, now available in five varieties. Offering 12 oz of ready-to-serve charcuterie in a convenient, resealable tray, these products feature numerous selections of slow-cured Olli salami and specialty pairings like artisanal cheeses and other accompaniments like olives or cornichons and onions.

As salami and charcuterie products become more popular in the market, Olli Salumeria continues to broaden its expansive portfolio to bring a variety of options to consumers

“As life began returning to normal last year, consumer demand grew for ways to enjoy the robust flavor of charcuterie favorites like salami in portable packaging,” Oliviero adds. “Olli answered the call for grab-and-go charcuterie with our line of Olli Snack Packs, which pair varieties of Olli salami with high-quality cheeses and artisanal crackers in a convenient 2 oz package.”

Another recent launch bolstering the Olli Salumeria brand is Olli Salamini, a line of bite-sized salami sticks available in bold flavors like Smoked, Pequin, Bourbon, and Classic.

“In addition to the growing trends of charcuterie and on-the-go protein snacking, across the deli category, there has been a demand for clean-label products,” notes Oliviero. “As consumers become increasingly aware of the health impact of certain food ingredients, they demand a higher level of transparency in packaged foods and seek options that are minimally processed.”

While all Olli products are already produced with 100 percent vegetarian-fed, antibiotic-free, and hormone-free pork, the brand answered the rising demand for clean-label products made with simple, honest ingredients by developing its first preservative-free salami formula.

In addition to the growing trends of charcuterie and on-the-go protein snacking across the deli category, the company has also responded to rising demand for clean-label products

With so many unique products backing this powerful portfolio, Olli Salumeria brings its partners many opportunities for creative merchandising.

“One great aspect of salami is that it’s one of the few deli meats that doesn’t need to be refrigerated in the grocery store. Retailers can take advantage of this versatility and long shelf-life by expanding displays beyond the refrigerated deli section,” Oliviero advises. “Secondary displays in other store sections that are classic salami pairings, such as crackers, cheese, or wine are an effective way of reminding customers about the possibilities of salami. Olli offers a robust range of secondary display opportunities for our shelf-stable products, all of which encourage our retail partners to cross-merchandise Olli Salami in a complementary section of the store to drive incremental purchases.”

Contact Olli Salumeria today for more information about these abundant merchandising opportunities! And keep reading Deli Market News for the latest industry insights.

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