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Organic Valley Debuts New American Cheese Slices

Organic Valley Debuts New American Cheese Slices

Monday, March 1st, 2021

As healthy eating continues to top shopping trend charts, the more we see like-minded products hit the shelves. Organic Valley is stepping up its game as it recently launched its organic American Cheese Slices.

Kelly Slentz, Brand Manager, Organic Valley Cheese“American cheese is a classic that provides that unique ooey-gooey melt no other cheese can match, but it’s lost ground as consumers seek out products with cleaner and shorter ingredients lists,” said Kelly Slentz, Organic Valley Cheese Brand Manager. “We are excited to bring to market a delicious, clean label American Cheese that will help grow the cheese category.”

According to the release, the new slices are hitting shelves this May and are made with just seven ingredients, including butter from pasture-raised cows. With no preservatives or added hormones, the combination of Organic Valley butter and organic cheddar creates a meltier cheese with a mom-approved clean ingredient list.

Organic Valley has recently expanded its portfolio with the launch of its organic American Cheese Slices

Premium American sliced cheese is growing at twice the rate of the overall sliced cheese category, according to 52-week data from SPINS. The launch of Organic Valley American Cheese Slices includes yellow and white cheese, two of the most popular varieties in the American cheese segment.

The new Organic Valley American Cheese slices are the perfect addition to the dairy case with an SRP of $6.49-$6.99.

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