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Organic Valley Details Strategic Portfolio Advancements

Organic Valley Details Strategic Portfolio Advancements

Wednesday, March 30th, 2022

To succeed in the dairy space, one must be nimble and quickly adaptable to the ever-changing demands of the category. Organic Valley is one of the purveyors with a solid grasp on shopper needs and behaviors, and it channels that expertise into bringing innovative new dairy products to market.

Organic Valley continuously brainstorms and develops new and innovative dairy products to bring to the market, such as Flavored Creamers in French Vanilla and Sweet Cream

“We’re always brainstorming and developing new products,” an Organic Valley spokesperson tells me as we explore how the company taps into rising demands across the dairy industry. “New items like American Cheese Slices, Flavored Creamers, and the Smoothie Mixes are not simply innovations for the sake of innovation—they are innovative products that will allow us to keep families on their farms and give consumers the organic options they’re demanding.”

Organic Valley’s portfolio saw a few recent additions, including its American Cheese Slices, Flavored Creamers, as well as Pre- and Post-natal Smoothie Mixes. With a lineup of offerings that feature real, nutritious ingredients, the supplier sets out to meet shoppers with healthy and sustainable dairy options across multiple key categories.

Like the rest of Organic Valley’s portfolio, new American Cheese Slices are made with real, nutritious ingredients

Part of developing and bringing these products to market includes an understanding of evolving consumer trends, which Organic Valley keeps a pulse on to determine the next strategic advancements to its portfolio.

“Over the last two years, we have noticed that consumers have been eating within their homes and really honing in on their cooking techniques,” the company explains, noting one of many rising trends sparked by the pandemic. “Our consumers are choosing ethically made food that is good for them, and that they feel good about cooking.”

With many different demands impacting the dairy sector, Organic Valley takes a multi-faceted approach to appeal to shoppers on several fronts.

Organic Valley keeps a pulse on evolving consumer trends to determine the next strategic advancements to its portfolio, and it’s Pre- and Post-natal Smoothie Mixes are just a few of the innovative product offerings the company brings to retail shelves

“Now that consumers’ schedules have been upended—working remotely, virtual schooling, etc.—their available time has become more of a continuum,” notes the co-op. “The pandemic has redefined what our days look like, and shoppers are going to get their indulgent moments in where they can fit them in. In one breath, they are looking for indulgence, comfort, and escape. In another breath, they want to protect their bodies, and they want easy nutrition. Organic Valley meets all of those needs.”

As the company’s well-informed strategies continue to drive growth, Deli Market News will be here to report.

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