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OZO™ Debuts New Line of Frozen Plant-Based Proteins

OZO™ Debuts New Line of Frozen Plant-Based Proteins

Monday, March 29th, 2021

The plant-based section of the frozen aisle is about to expand with the launch of a new line. Colorado-based Planterra Foods is expanding its portfolio with the launch of its frozen line offerings, OZO™.

Darcey Macken, Chief Executive Officer, Planterra Foods“OZO continues to elevate the plant-based food category by listening to our customers’ needs. The launch of the OZO frozen food line is just another example of how Planterra provides more options to easily introduce meat-free options into your meal routines,” said Darcey Macken, CEO of Planterra Foods. “This year has changed the way so many of us enjoy and consume our meals. The OZO expansion into frozen plant-based proteins offers more opportunities for flexitarian consumption through high-quality foods with positive protein solutions. We remain committed to feeding future generations.”

With this new addition, the company aims to make plant-based products more convenient for families. Available now, consumers can add the OZO Smokehouse Burgers (four-3 oz patties) and Original Breakfast Sausage (six-1.67 oz sausages) to their freezer, with more frozen products coming this summer, including plant-based meatballs and plant-based chicken nuggets and patties.

Colorado-based Planterra Foods is expanding its portfolio with the launch of its frozen line offerings, OZO™

These innovative offerings are the perfect addition to weekday meals or weekend grill-outs, with the option to heat and eat or freeze for later. This year, as grilling season approaches and more families come together for backyard cookouts, outdoor picnics, and more, the OZO frozen line offers a new spin on plant-based protein with bold flavors for delicious, meat-free possibilities stored conveniently in the freezer at home.

Season Lawrence, Packaged Meat Category Manager, Kroger“We’re excited to welcome the OZO Frozen Line into our stores,” said Season Lawrence, Packaged Meat Category Manager, Kroger. “With more consumers looking for plant-based options to add to their everyday meals, this new line of soy-free products brings exciting new innovation to the frozen aisle and more delicious flavor to the full collection of OZO products.”

According to the release, the Smokehouse Burger is gluten-free with 19 g of complete plant-based protein and full of juicy, smoky flavor with a hint of sweetness. Planterra’s Breakfast Sausages have 12 g of plant-based protein and the perfect hint of spice. Both offer familiar favorites for consumers to enjoy nutritious ready-to-heat meals all throughout the day.

OZO brings unique products that are good for the body and the planet, utilizing premium, clean ingredients and an innovative fermentation process that makes plant-based protein easily digestible for the body. All of the OZO products are made with non-GMO ingredients; contain no cholesterol; and have fewer calories, fat, and saturated fat than 80 percent lean ground beef, as well as other leading plant-based protein brands currently in the market.

Over the next few months, OZO will be rounding up the new frozen product line with the addition of three items. The company will roll out OZO Italian Style Plant-Based Meatballs with 21 g of protein, and two perfectly breaded plant-based chicken products: OZO Plant-Based Nuggets with 14 g of protein and OZO Plant-Based Chicken Patties with 12 g of protein. Both items are covered with a crust that makes them extra crispy on the outside, but super tender and flavorful on the inside. The whole line of OZO frozen products is vegan certified and made with non-GMO, clean, soy-free ingredients.

What can we expect next from the specialty sector as the grilling season approaches? Deli Market News will keep an eye on the newswire.

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