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Pine River Pre-Pack's Ian Behm Details Ownership Transition

Pine River Pre-Pack's Ian Behm Details Ownership Transition

Wednesday, August 2nd, 2023

An ownership transition six years in the making has been completed for Pine River Pre-Pack. The shift began in 2017 between Philip Lindemann and a management team comprised of Cory Meyer, Scott Caliebe, Chauncey Behm, and Ian Behm, and it was completed this July. To get more insights into the transition, Ian, President, sat down to share some details about the past and future of the company.

Ian Behm, President, Pine River Pre-Pack“There will be no impact on our day-to-day production and operations, as the four of us have been involved in the company's leadership for many years now; however, this will provide a clearer picture of the future for ourselves and our employees,” Ian starts. “Our focus will still be on providing the highest quality cheese spread on the market. We take great pride in maintaining a spotless state-of-the-art facility while providing our employees a place where they feel appreciated, engaged, and empowered.”

The Lindemann family’s impact on Pine River dates back to the early 1900s with Founder Philip C. Lindemann and his development of the supplier’s award-winning product. From there, the company was passed on to his sons Barth and Philip A. Lindemann, who encouraged cleanliness, automation improvements, and quality ingredients. Mary Lindemann gave Pine River a familiar and welcoming face for 30 years with her creative style and originality in promoting its cheese spreads.

Completing an ownership transition six years in the making, Pine River Pre-Pack shares its excitement for the future of the company, including its state-of-the art facility

The new management team is focused on continuing Pine River’s reputation. Over the last six decades, the company has become the go-to brand for quality cheese spreads and a top co-manufacturer of spreadable cheese products.

“We will continue to work on creating a positive work environment and a culture we can be proud of,” adds Ian. “We will continue to foster an empowered leadership team that is encouraged to think outside the box and always strive for continuous improvements in all facets of the company.”

Pine River will add more high-quality members to its successful team to achieve these goals, creating a solid foundation for growth. The team will also strive to foster a positive working environment for its associates.

Pine River Pre-Pack hopes to continue innovating in the sector and create more opportunities for product growth

“Engaged leaders support our goal of having Pine River cheese spreads available in every grocery store across the country,” Ian imparts. “We are also very cognizant of a healthy work-life balance and know that a happy life outside of work is more important than profits and awards, so we will work to maintain a positive experience for all of our employees, including ourselves.”

With 60 years in the books, there is no telling what innovations and growth will come in the next six decades, especially with this management team at the helm.

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