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Pod Foods Announces Bi-Coastal Expansion

Pod Foods Announces Bi-Coastal Expansion

Friday, October 18th, 2019

Food distribution platform Pod Foods is carving out its place on both coasts after rolling out expansion plans in Los Angeles and New York City. This latest move is furthering the company’s plan of evolving the food distribution system while also distributing and growing high-quality CPG food and beverage brands’ product reach in key geographic locations across the U.S.

Larissa Russell, Co-Founder and CEO, Pod Foods"We fill a gap in the market so smaller brands with a lot of potential can access retail and distribution without a lot of up-front capital investment,"said Larissa Russell, Co-Founder and CEO of Pod Foods.

A solution that Russell and fellow Co-Founder and current COO Fiona Lee have first-hand experience with as the two used to face similar challenges when they were starting their own food businesses. Thus, it was out of a desire to fix the food distribution system that they started Pod Foods in late 2017.

Food distribution platform Pod Foods is carving out its place on both coasts after rolling out expansion plans in Los Angeles and New York City

Now, with Pod Foods’ expanded reach in L.A. and NYC, the platform will help introduce boutique brands to a wider variety of retailers that would have otherwise missed out on these quality niche products due to the current distribution system, according to a press release. And, with partners like Spense, a wholesale marketplace that Pod Foods is integrating into its New York distribution network, the company is ensuring its grasp on its newest markets is strong.

George Markoulakis, Founder, Spense"Spense was created to help smaller makers grow their businesses and connect them with like-minded retailers that believe in the magic of making quality goods. We're thrilled to transfer our vision to Pod Foods, a growing company that is aligned with us in so many ways," said George Markoulakis, Founder of Spense.

Pod Foods' differentiated technology platform will also help the company solidify its standing in its newest markets. The fully transparent platform helps retail buyers strengthen their own curated product selection via insight data and real-time analytics.

Fiona Lee, COO, Pod Foods"By leveraging on data technologies such as predictive analytics, we are able to match the most relevant products to stores based on a combination of what's trending at the earliest stages, and the stores' purchasing history," said Lee.

Russell continued, "With data, we are able to provide a level of insight previously unavailable to this market. We eliminate a lot of guess-work and offline activity which otherwise leads to out-of-stocks, inefficient logistics or food waste. We can also help vendors optimize their production and inventory.”

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