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Pretzel Pete Launches Three New Gourmet Pretzel Flavors

Pretzel Pete Launches Three New Gourmet Pretzel Flavors

Wednesday, December 16th, 2020

You probably don’t remember the first time you ever tried a pretzel. That’s because the snack is such a staple in households, many of us are munching on them before we can even pronounce the word. Pretzel Pete has something in store for shoppers looking for a tasty twist to their favorite treat as it launches three new additions to its gourmet pretzel snack line, with at least one flavor that will speak to the tastebuds of every consumer.

The new items are currently available on the company’s website, but will soon be sold in retailers at the start of the new year, a press release revealed.

Pretzel Pete has added three new additions to its gourmet pretzel snack line

The delicious new flavors include Cinnamon Brown Sugar Pretzel Pieces, which is a delicate combination of sweet and salty; Buffalo Blue Pretzel Pieces, a mixture of spicy buffalo flavors and blue cheese; and Smoky Bacon & Cheddar Pretzel Pieces, combining true soulmates bacon and cheddar to create a savory treat without the salty aftertaste.

Pretzel Pete is family-owned and prioritizes using local ingredients with no artificial flavors or enhancers.

Shoppers are always looking for a crispy and savory snack to fill their stomachs in between–or sometimes in place of–meals, and pretzels have been a traditional go-to. With a new spin on an already popular treat, snackers won’t be able to pull them off of the shelves fast enough.

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