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Rufus Teague Announces the Extension of its Product Lineup;  John McCone and Brad Jungles Share

Rufus Teague Announces the Extension of its Product Lineup; John McCone and Brad Jungles Share

Monday, December 20th, 2021

Barbecue lovers, fasten your seatbelts, because Rufus Teague is about to take us all on an exciting ride to the world of new products. Extending its signature spicy, sweet barbecue flavor to unique offerings, the specialty name has added pizza, nuts, seeds, and even coffee to its portfolio to give those seeking the smoky BBQ more enticing options.

John McCone, Founder, Rufus Teague (Photo credit: Kansas City Business Journal)“Over the years, we’ve built a very loyal fan base for our sauces and rubs,” commented John McCone, the Founder of Rufus Teague. “We realize that not everyone is able to create amazing barbecue meals daily, so it got us thinking that we should bring those beloved flavors to other, more everyday products.”

For Rufus Teague, pizza was a natural addition to its lineup, with the flavor of the classic offering already being largely based on a bed of sauce. According to a press release, all that was left for the sauce supplier to do was add its own twist and, voila, a savory new product for consumers to enjoy.

Rufus Teague is extending its signature spicy, sweet barbecue flavor offerings as it adds several new categories to its portfolio, including pizza, nuts, seeds, and even coffee

Wanting to push its portfolio even further, the team at Rufus Teague developed nuts, sunflower seeds, and coffee to complement its sauces and rubs.

“A few of the products tie into barbecue culture,” McCone added. “Nuts and sunflower seeds are a staple for many grillers. It’s not tobacco in their cheeks, it’s sunflower seeds. So why not barbecue flavored? And when you’re not grilling, our new pizzas are a simple way to cook up some big barbecue taste. Smoke-roasted coffee is probably the furthest we’ve ventured—so far. Barbecue makes us happy, and we enjoy inventing fun ways to add it to life. It’s what we do.”

In total, there will be four new lines added to the company’s portfolio, which already includes premium BBQ sauces, dry rubs, and steak sauces—all of which are extensions of the brand’s original Honey Sweet BBQ, its first product.

Four new lines will be joining the company’s portfolio that will utilize the sweet, savory, and smoky nuances of Rufus Teague’s BBQ sauces

The new products include:

  • Spittin’ Seeds: Four savory sunflower-seed varieties including BBQ Throwdown, Slow Burn BBQ, Smoky N’ Salty, and Pitmaster Seasoning Blend
  • Smoke-Roasted Coffees: A line of four unique, smoke-kissed coffee blends featuring flavors like Whiskey Maple, Smoky Apple, Pitmaster Blend, and Spiced Cherry
  • Rustic BBQ Pizza Pies: Five different premium frozen pizzas, all featuring a base of Rufus Teague BBQ sauce
  • BBQ Nuts: Six varieties of Peanuts, Almonds, and Nut Mix; honey roasted and coated in the flavors of Rufus Teague’s famous Honey Sweet or Blazin’ Hot BBQ Sauce

Brad Jungles, Director of Marketing, Rufus Teague (Photo credit: Kansas City Business Journal)“We love our family of sauces and rubs and the ways in which they’ve expanded,” commented Brad Jungles, Director of Marketing. “But we wanted to go further with barbecue than anyone had before. A little out-of-the-bottle thinking if you will. We never put limitations on our creativity. It makes what we do twice as enjoyable. Honestly, how many companies do you know that have things like barbecue fountains or a Can-O-Cue line that features sauces crafted with beer and packaged in beer cans?”

Currently, Spittin’ Seeds and Smoke-Roasted coffee are available on the company’s website as well as on Amazon. Rufus Teague’s new Rustic BBQ Pizza Pies and BBQ Nuts will be available starting in early 2022.

I don’t know about you, but I am buckled in and ready to take this flavorful ride, and I’m sure all of your BBQ-loving consumer will too! So, keep an eye out for when these new offerings will be ready to hit retail shelves.

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