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Rumiano Cheese Company Celebrates 100 Years With New Products

Rumiano Cheese Company Celebrates 100 Years With New Products

Thursday, March 7th, 2019

Rumiano Cheese Company is ringing in its 100th year in business the only way it knows how: with the launch of a new line of products! Tapping into the health craze that’s driving consumer purchases these days, the California-based cheese company’s new line features nutrient-rich goodies, like Grass-Fed Ghee and Regenerative Butter, to help boost shoppers’ energy and cognitive performance.

Joe Baird, CEO, Rumiano Cheese Company“Ghee is an ancient staple that is gaining in popularity for its tremendous health benefits and versatility. And Regenerative Butter has incredible fat-fueling properties that greatly impact energy and clarity. We entered this new category due to the increased emergence of the high performance lifestyle and healthy, high-fat diets,” said company CEO Joe Baird. “We have big plans to expand our portfolio of organic products and will be filling out our performance line later this year.”

Rumiano’s two new products are organic and non-GMO, offering shoppers key nutrients and natural inflammatory properties. This, in addition to the fact that the ingredients are sourced from family farms and foragers in the Pacific Northwest, make the Ghee and the Butter the very best items to include in any diet, from low-carb Ketogenic diets to simply healthy ones.

The Grass-Fed Ghee is made from organic, highly-clarified, grass-fed butter that is slow-simmered until it exudes a rich, golden color and nutty aroma. During the process, casein and lactose are removed, making it suitable for those that are dairy intolerant, according to a press release. The line is available in three flavors: plain, turmeric black pepper, and honey—each packed with vitamins, nutrients, and healing properties. In addition, the shelf-stable superfood is ideal for both frying and sautéing thanks to its high smoke-point.

Rumiano's new line includes Grass-Fed Ghee and Regenerative Butter

The Regenerative Butter is nutrient-dense and infused with functional and detoxyifying ingredients, including Lion’s Mane Mushroom, collagen, and MCT oil—all of which reduce inflammation, improve joint health, and increase nutrient absorption. This product can be added to coffee, tea, and smoothies, spread on snacks, or enjoyed directly from the jar to boost energy, focus, and brain function.

Both of Rumiano’s new products are available in 10-ounce glass jars beginning in the spring. They join other new additions to Rumiano’s lineup, including its Rumiano Raw Organic and Rumiano Organic Grated and Shredded Cups, and new brand: Rumiano Redwood Coast.

To experience Rumiano’s new products before they hit store shelves, stop by booth #5730 at Expo West.

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