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Saputo Launches “Go from Good to Gourmet” Campaign With Stella® Cheese

Saputo Launches “Go from Good to Gourmet” Campaign With Stella® Cheese

Monday, June 1st, 2020

Saputo is seeking to elevate the kitchen experience grocers can offer shoppers, launching a new campaign inviting consumers to Go from Good to Gourmet. The move highlights the company’s Stella® Cheese brand, shining a spotlight on a combination of high-quality craftsmanship with modern conveniences.

“The Stella brand knows home chefs prioritize buying the best products for themselves and their families. Recognizing they make well-informed purchases, the new Go from Good to Gourmet campaign will meet consumers where they are already searching for recipes and inspiration,” the company shared in a statement.

The launch will include top online food sites, top frequently-browsed apps, social media, and a partnership with AllRecipes to spark creativity.

Saputo is launching a new campaign inviting consumers to “Go from Good to Gourmet” with its Stella® Cheese brand

The Stella brand includes a broad selection of fine artisan cheeses crafted with a rich heritage of Italian cheesemaking, dating back to 1923. According to its website, the company is a great fit for shoppers who love to cook as its authentic, old-world cheese recipes have stood the test of time.

From rich, traditional parmesan to trademark Fontinella® cheese, Stella cheeses tout the ability to bring historic charm and a hint of romantic flavor to the table. Last year alone, we reported several award-winning titles the brand earned from domestic to global stages.

Stella, the company said, will encourage and empower home chefs to level up their recipes with little effort.

How else will the category ensure home cooks become culinary artists? Deli Market News will report.

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