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Schnuck Markets Closes Illinois Store

Schnuck Markets Closes Illinois Store

Tuesday, July 9th, 2019

Despite efforts to revive ailing stores under the Stop 'n Save banner after acquiring 19 locations last year, Schnuck Markets is still shuttering locations. Specifically, the grocer has found that it has created a tight retail market for itself in the East Alton, Illinois, area, which will result in the closure of its Wilshire Village store.

Todd Schnuck, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman, Schnuck Markets"We open stores only when we believe they will be both a preferred choice for shoppers and success for our company, but in this instance, our customers are increasingly bypassing this store in favor of one of our three nearby stores instead,” Schnucks' Chairman and CEO Todd Schnuck said in a statement, reported by Republic Monitor.

Schnucks Markets has recently announced the impending closure of its Wilshire Village store in East Alton, Illinois

Following the closure, all 27 employees of the East Alton store will have the option to transfer to nearby Schnuck Markets.

The East Alton location was one of the 19 stores Schnucks had acquired in the area in 2018.

Is the grocery retail market getting too crowded? And how will Schnucks rise to the occasion to combat the crowd? Deli Market News will bring you the updates.

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