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Sky Valley™ Adds Green Sriracha to Impressive Sauce Portfolio; Theresa Lindholm Details

Sky Valley™ Adds Green Sriracha to Impressive Sauce Portfolio; Theresa Lindholm Details

Tuesday, July 5th, 2022

Make some room on the sauce shelf! Sky Valley™ is bringing another authentic, global flavor to retailers, revealing the launch of the new Sky Valley Green Sriracha. The Southeast Asian hot sauce brings a fiery and bold flavor in a plant-based and gluten-free format, expanding the beloved brand’s unique portfolio of sauces.

Theresa Lindholm, Brand Manager, Sky Valley“With demand continuing to grow for Asian cuisine and plant-based-labeled products, we are focused on developing delicious products with global flavors that keep us at the forefront of consumer trends,” said Theresa Lindholm, Brand Manager. “Green Sriracha is made with ingredients that meet a variety of dietary needs, and the unique flavor adds versatility to any hot sauce lover’s collection.”

The newly introduced product perfectly combines the flavors of zesty lime, jalapeño pepper, and cilantro, creating a tasty concoction that complements the company’s Red Sriracha. According to a press release, Sky Valley Green Sriracha and Red Sriracha are Non-GMO Project Verified, certified gluten-free and plant-based, and contain 1 g of sugar or less, with only 5 calories per serving. This appeals to a key demand channel as consumers are increasingly seeking out products that meet several dietary needs, with six in 10 consumers looking for products that are Non-GMO Project Verified, and one in five shoppers being extremely or very concerned about gluten, as the release noted.

Sky Valley™ has revealed the launch of its new Sky Valley Green Sriracha, which combines zesty lime, jalapeño pepper, and cilantro

Despite a poor chili pepper harvest leading to a current sriracha shortage, Sky Valley Green Sriracha and Red Sriracha are in stock and available nationally. The mouthwatering products can be found at select grocery stores, including Save Mart, with Sky Valley Red Sriracha available at retailers nationwide.

As the sauce maker continues to grow to address rising consumer demand for unique hot sauce flavors and ingredients, stay in the know with Deli Market News.

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