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SpartanNash Stock Warrant Offers Company Stake to Amazon

SpartanNash Stock Warrant Offers Company Stake to Amazon

Monday, October 12th, 2020

This past Friday, SpartanNash rocked the industry when the company published its 8-K filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). In the filing, SpartanNash reported a shift in its shareholder rankings as it issued an official stock warrant to an affiliate.

According to the SEC filing, the deal offers up 5,437,272 shares of SpartanNash’s common stock at about $17.7257 per share, amounting to a $96.4 million total investment from the Amazon subsidiary NV Investment Holdings LLC. This brings Amazon’s investment to roughly 15 percent of SpartanNash’s shares, making the e-commerce titan one of SpartanNash’s largest investors.

In a move that shifts SpartanNash’s shareholder rankings, the retailer has issued an official stock warrant to an affiliate

In the filing, other major investors include Dimensional Fund Advisors LP, which holds around three million shares, and BlackRock, which holds about five million shares.

The retailer also mentioned in its SEC filing that this warrant is part of a larger agreement with Amazon, leading us here at Deli Market News to speculate more developments are in the works.

How will this stock warrant investment affect SpartanNash and Amazon in the long run? Keep checking back to Deli Market News as we follow the retail trail.