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Sprouts Farmers Market Quietly Unveils a Rebrand

Sprouts Farmers Market Quietly Unveils a Rebrand

Thursday, August 27th, 2020

As you can imagine, our discovery of Sprouts Farmers Market’s rebrand was one that had a ripple effect throughout the entire (virtual) office. Naturally, the unveiling of this new brand should produce a similar effect upon the entire retail community. As one of the fastest growing grocers in the market, as the company has long made known, a new brand identity and slogan is quite the bit of news.

Its Facebook cover, which was updated last week, is a drawing of a farmer and his dog driving a truck bed full of produce. On the door of the truck is a brand-new Sprouts logo and tagline, Sprouts, Where Goodness Grows™ beneath.

Alongside the new look, a video series has launched, following the same etching style. The new logo is a clean stamp, holding to the similar font we all know of the farmer-themed retailer, but instead of the box of produce on top and the circled outline, the O in the banner has become the circle, now its own leafy representation of the company’s roots throughout the agricultural community.

What is next for Sprouts Farmers Market? Stay tuned to see how this rebrand continues to deliver a competitive edge.

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