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Summer Eating Yearbook - Call for Submissions

Summer Eating Yearbook - Call for Submissions

Tuesday, July 5th, 2022

Barbecue, charcuterie, libations, oh my! Forget the summer of love, this is the summer of FOOD! Now halfway through the year, we at Deli Market News are getting in the seasonal spirit with eating occasions to rival. I know our fellow specialty foodies are doing the same, which is why we invite you to send in your summer eating photos for our industry yearbook.

You may be used to us gathering yearbook photos as a recap to industry trade shows, and now we get to have some fun in the sun. Whether you’re slurping up watermelon, devouring some ribs, or passing the cheese plate back and forth, we want to see what’s on your summer tables. Grab a friend, cozy up to your loved ones, or have a solo snacking sesh, and don’t forget to snap those pics!

Deli Market News is inviting you to send in your summer eating photos to be featured in our industry yearbook

You can send your photos to us via [email protected]—we will be waiting (somewhat) patiently. All we ask is that when you submit your photo, please include a description along with the names of those pictured. We are giving you a couple weeks for this task, and request that all photo submissions be sent in by July 25.

In an industry as well-versed in flavor as us, I have no doubt that you all will have some exciting summer fun to share. So, don’t be shy, send over your summer eating pic and keep an eye out for our yearbook during the last week of July!