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Sweet Earth Foods Announces Launch of New Vegan Jumbo Hot Dogs

Sweet Earth Foods Announces Launch of New Vegan Jumbo Hot Dogs

Wednesday, May 26th, 2021

Grilling season is officially upon us, and many consumers are more than ready to enjoy delicious food outside alongside friends and family. Bringing more plant-based options to the world of BBQ, Sweet Earth Foods has announced the release of its first-ever Vegan Jumbo Hot Dogs, in addition to the reformulation of the Sweet Earth Awesome Burger 2.0.

Sara Wheeler, General Manager, Sweet Earth Foods"Our relentless approach to innovation allows us to offer consumers tasty, nutrient-diverse protein options they can feel good about incorporating into their diets," said General Manager Sara Wheeler. "With more people eager to try delicious plant-based options, we're excited to bring an even greater variety of favorites to consumers' backyards and kitchens this summer."

The new Vegan Jumbo Hot Dogs are now available at select Ahold grocery stores in the U.S. including FreshDirect, and will see extended availability at Kroger stores this August, a press release explained. Crafted using a pea and potato protein base, the jumbo hot dogs deliver an authentic hot dog experience without the meat and are 23 percent bigger that top competitors' hot dog products.

As the plant-based sector continues to boom, Sweet Earth Foods has launched new Vegan Jumbo Hot Dogs and an updated version of its Awesome Burger 2.0 just in time for barbeque season

The company has also unveiled the launch of its new Awesome Burger 2.0, which will be available throughout the U.S. this summer at Target, Whole Foods, H-E-B, Sprouts, Amazon Fresh, and more. The updated Sweet Earth Awesome Burger 2.0 uses a mix of hemp and protein from fava beans and peas to achieve a beefy texture and authentic burger experience, all while being vegan-friendly and non-GMO Project Verified.

Ryan Riddle, Senior Product Development Specialist - Vegetarian Meal Solutions, Nestlé and Sweet Earth Foods"The Sweet Earth Awesome Burger saw incredible success at its launch in 2019, but at Sweet Earth Foods we're constantly asking ourselves and our customers how we can make our plant-based proteins tastier, more craveable, and more like traditional animal-based proteins" said Ryan Riddle, Senior Product Development Specialist with Nestlé and Sweet Earth. "Over the last year we have continued our product development, listened to consumer feedback, and made the Awesome Burger 2.0 even juicier with a beefier flavor and meatier texture."

I don't know about you, but I'm ready to fire up the grill, and I'm sure your shoppers will be feeling the same way once they see these enticing offerings.

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