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Sysco Plans Warehouse Expansion in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Sysco Plans Warehouse Expansion in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Monday, November 22nd, 2021

Sysco is getting new room to spread its operational wings as the distributor is hoping to nearly double the size of its Jackson, Wisconsin, warehouse. Plans are still undergoing review, but the distributor is planning to increase its facility capacity to 660,000 square feet.

According to plans filed, Sysco is aiming to do three things: “improve staging for inbound trucks with on-site dual-lane entry driveway; proposed building expansion for ambient, cool, and freezer warehouse and docks of approximately 300,000 square feet; supporting sitework development for truck staging and maneuvering.”

Sysco has announced plans to nearly double the size of its Jackson, Wisconsin, warehouse to 660,000 square feet

As BizTimes initially reported, Sysco is intending to double the size of the space. GMToday reported that the application included that the expansion would increase the truck operations and traffic for the site, though the building itself screens the on-site dock and truck operations from the roadway.

Building specifications, details on sitework, and timelines were not included at the concept plan level, but operational expansions and supply chain improvements are developments we in the industry continue to look forward to. With additional space for trucking operations coming into effect, the expansion also positions the foodservice distributor to better serve its customers.

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